Archery Ranges in Montello, Wisconsin

by Trish Jackson
Archery requires precision and practice.

Archery requires precision and practice.

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Archery has been practiced as a sport in the U.S. for many decades, and in Montello, Wisconsin, archery is alive and well. Archery ranges in the area offer outdoor, indoor and 3D courses. Archery is an individual or family sport, and family memberships are encouraged through youth leagues and competitions.

Montello Bowbenders Inc

The Montello Bowbenders Club ( has been around since the 1950s. They combined with the Rod and Gun Club in the 1970s and raised money to build their own facility. Later, the archery club purchased the entire property from the Rod and Gun Club, which moved further out into the country. Montello Bowbenders holds regular indoor shoots and 3D shoots at the John Muir Marquette Country Club in the summer. They have men's and women's leagues and hold youth events. Memberships annual or monthly.

Poynette Bowhunters Association

Poynette Bowhunters Association ( is 25 miles from Montello on State Road 22. The association started in 1975 and now has several acres and a clubhouse with 12 shooting lanes. The association offers indoor archery as well as outdoor fieldtip, broadhead and 3D at its location. Poynette Bowhunters Associaiton encourages youth participation. Membership fees are a little higher than those of Montello Bowbenders.

Roche-a-Cri Bowman

Roche-a-Cri Bowman ( is 28 miles outside Montello in Friendship, Wisconsin. The club owns 78 acres with three wildlife ponds, two outdoor courses, four elevated tree stands plus an indoor shooting range with 10 lanes. They hold outdoor and indoor adult leagues, plus a youth league. Membership is cheap and covers a family.

Safety at Archery Range Facilities

The most important design criterion of an archery range is safety. Modern bows can shoot at 300 feet per second, and ranges are often designed and built by the club members. When choosing a club, assess the safety of the range. Check that the footing is safe, that the trails are clearly marked, that the lanes are wide enough for both left- and right-handed archers to shoot safely and that the targets are clearly visible to all users.

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