Archaeology Party Ideas

by Emilia Lamberto
Who knows what you will uncover at your next archaeology party.

Who knows what you will uncover at your next archaeology party.

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For those who are interested in archaeology or history, hosting an archaeology party allows the guest of honor and invitees to get busy exploring the world. Not only is an archaeology party thrilling for younger guests, it also teaches them more about the profession and the history of our world. Next time you're hosting a party, consider an archaeology theme for a day of discovery and excitement.

Party Decorations

Turn your party venue into an archaeological adventure with "mummified" decorations and "ancient" artifacts. Use old baby dolls or action figures and wrap them up with toilet paper. Secure them to the ceiling using twine or ribbon. Be sure they are placed high enough to avoid any accidents from running into the suspended decor. Pyramid shapes or plastic pottery may also be suspended from the ceiling to act as archaeology decorations. Items such as pyramids, old stained scrolls secured with grass blades, picks, shovels and rope may also be used to decorate the party venue. For your color scheme, stick to earth tones such as deep greens, browns and black.

Cake and Snacks

If you're having cake, a mummy-shaped design with white icing is likely to go over well with guests. You may also opt to cook a chocolate cake to act as "dirt." After cooling, stick gummy worms or sprinkle shapes inside. On the top, add gummy dinosaurs and cover with icing. Prior to eating, let guests know that there is a "secret" inside that they must uncover. For a snack, drop star-shaped cereals into the bottoms of small individual bowls. On top of the cereal, break up 3 chocolate cookies per child. Add a scoop of chocolate pudding over the cookies and stick two gummy worms inside the pudding and serve. The cookies act as dirt, whereas the chocolate acts as mud. Tell guests to search for the ancient "star fish" at the bottom of the dirt.

Party Favors

Instead of goodie bags, give away goodie pails. Fill the pails halfway with sand and add items such as a trowel, a fake "treasure" map that will be used later, a sand screen, a magnifying glass, dough fossils and arrowheads. Get creative and add other items such as small skeletons, a roll of toilet paper for "mummy wrap" or dinosaur fruit snacks and gold coins to act as ancient artifacts.


With the treasure map party favors, have guests "search" for treasure in a sandbox using their trowels and sand screens. Items hidden in the sand might include arrowheads, fossils, candy bags wrapped in plastic, or shiny rocks. Allow one child at a time to search to avoid messes. Once he finds an item, it is the next guest's turn. Allow guests to help you bake cookies. After mixing the batter, bake the cookies at the specified temperature. At least 10 minutes before they are finished, pull them from the oven and allow guests to press toy dinosaurs into the cookies to create imprints, or fossils. Place the cookies back into the oven and finish baking. Pull them out for fossilized cookies.

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