Arbonne Party Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty

Arbonne is a company not unlike Mary Kay and Avon in that it offers product users the chance to become representatives, throw parties and make their own money through "network marketing." The company creates plant-based skin care products, most of which have an anti-aging slant. Throw an Arbonne party specific to a line of its products such as body care or cosmetics.

Arbonne Essentials Party

Throw an Arbonne party that focuses on Arbonne "essentials," or nutritional packs, supplements, protein shake mixes, detox teas and other cleansing agents. Serve protein shakes made from powder and those that are "ready-to-drink" so you and your guests can compare and contrast which they liked best. Also serve Arbonne's detox tea and antioxidant drink shots while discussing other items such as the seven-day body cleanse supplement program, chewable supplements and energy fizz tabs. Give guests samples of such items before the party, if possible, for more reviews and input.

Arbonne Spa Party

An Arbonne spa party is another option. Provide towels and Arbonne cleansers so guests can have clean faces for optimal product usage. Set up a shampoo area like those salons use for testing Arbonne shampoos, conditioners and scalp revitalizers, and set up another area for testing body lotions and hand cremes. If some of your friends have babies, encourage them to bring the little ones along for trying out Arbonne baby care products. Don't forget to provide lots of towels as well as bathrobes if you have the resources.

Arbonne Cosmetics Party

Another Arbonne party idea where guests should come with clean faces is an Arbonne cosmetics party. Use Arbonne brushes so guests can make each other over with Arbonne products. Experiment with assorted foundations, eyeliner and eyeshadow, and assorted lip stains. Play games if desired, such as who can come up with the most unique look, either on themselves or on a "model." Encourage guests to come up with a variety of looks on themselves or other guests.

Arbonne Party for Men

Another Arbonne party option is to throw an Arbonne party for your male friends, gay and straight alike. Arbonne manufactures an entire line of men's products ranging from aftershave lotion to facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Tell guests to come with stubble or short beards for testing the shave gel and post-shave balm. They can also try the mens' exfoliating wash pre-shave to remove dead skin and unclog pores. Testing the anti-aging moisturizer with SPF, then engaging in an outdoor game, is another party option.