Arabian-Themed Wording for Invitations

by Brenda Priddy
There are several ways to word an invitation for an Arabian party.

There are several ways to word an invitation for an Arabian party.

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Arabian-themed parties are a fun way to celebrate Arabic culture and experience the flavor of the Middle East. There are many variations, including an Arabian Nights or Arabic dance party. Depending on the type you're hosting, you can use different invitation styles. There are several forms of wording to fit the invitations in with the party theme.


One way to make an Arabian-themed invitation stand out is to use authentic quotes or proverbs from the Middle East. Use a scrolling font that looks similar to Arabic writing for an even more authentic invitation. Try putting a quote related to the theme of the party, such as "every day you live adds a page to your history," or "eat what you want, but dress like others." These quotes can work well with an Arabian-themed party, especially a costume party.

Arabian Nights

One famous party idea with an Arabian theme is an Arabian Nights party. "Arabian Nights" is a collection of stories within a story, all featuring magical adventures with magic carpets, genies and fantastic creatures. Invite your guests to "come away on a magic carpet ride," to "visit the magical land of Arabia," or "rub a genie lamp to embark on a magical adventure." Try to work in the party details using exotic language, such as "delve into the delights of Arabian foods" or "start the adventure July 22nd."

Simple Invitation

If you don't want to appear hokey, stick with basic invitation wording. You can embellish the invitation with gold frills, plastic jewels and pictures of genies, lamps or magic carpets. Give the basic party information, including time, place, attire, food served and type of party. If you want guests to bring anything, you can also write that on the invitation. Make sure to include RSVP information on the invitation as well.

Arabic Phrases

Another wording style you can use for an Arabian-themed party is to actually write the invitation using Arabic words. There are many online translations that will create the words to put in the invitation. Make sure to place the English translations of the invitation under the Arabic words. Using real Arabic gives authenticity to the invitation. Arabic writing is beautiful, and the invitation will need little embellishments after writing the words.

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