Arabian Party Ideas

by Stacy D. Cooper
Use dishes with mosaic designs at an Arabian party.

Use dishes with mosaic designs at an Arabian party.

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Create your own fabulous Arabian night with an exotic party. You can transport your guests to a lavish Bedouin tent filled with the colors, foods and music of mysterious lands. Hire musicians to play Middle Eastern music or use CD collections. You may consider hiring a belly dancer to perform or give lessons.


Hand-write the invitations on aged paper. Include the time, place and date of the event. Ask guests to wear clothing to fit the Arabian theme. Roll the invitation into a scroll. Attach a miniature hourglass or oil lamp to a ribbon and tie the ribbon around the scroll. Another idea is to attach the invitation to the top of a small pastry box filled with dates or spiced cookies.


Set up a party tent and line the floor with Persian rugs, giant throw pillows and low benches. Have guests sit on the floor to eat at low tables, if possible. Use bright orange, fuchsia and turquoise colors to decorate the party space. Place colored glass vases that have been partially filled with sand and palm branches on the tables. Hang and drape sheer fabric on the interior walls of the tent and randomly place brass oil lamps, Moroccan lanterns and standing candle holders around the room for light.

Food and Drinks

Serve guests food on communal platters. Fill trays with fresh fruits such as grapes, strawberries, kiwi, dates and figs. Grill Moroccan lamb skewers and serve with cucumber yogurt and couscous. Offer guests variety by including hummus and pita bread, falafel and stuffed eggplant. Create a dessert table with lemon granita, sesame seed cookies, date rolls and custard. Guests can sip on Arabic coffee, cinnamon tea, pomegranate juice and a beverage made with orange blossom water, mint and lemons.

Party Favors

Send guests home with small baskets filled with almond-scented soaps and oil or glass genie bottles that have been filled with almonds or coconut candy. Another option is to photograph the party and pass out small photo albums to guests before they leave the event. If you don't want to miss any aspect of the party, purchase cameras capable of instantly turning out photographs. Pass the instant cameras around for guests to take their own photos.

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