Arabian Nights Theme Party Activities

by Daniel Cobalt
Belly dancing provides several party activities.

Belly dancing provides several party activities.

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An Arabian Nights party offers opportunities to experience the theme for partygoers of many ages. Start creating an atmosphere with invitations decorated with camels, sand dunes or Arabic theme images, or roll the invitations into scrolls and tie with braided cords. Play Arabic music from CDs, internet radio stations or music host sites such as the Egyptian State Information Service. Add home decorations or even host the party outside in a large tent to help set the mood for participation in theme activities.


Food becomes a theme-related activity when you use Middle Eastern cuisine. Allowing the guests to help prepare some of the food creates an activity that educates and entertains. Prepare the ingredients ahead of time and let the guests do things such as stuff and roll grape leaves, mash hummus or chickpeas and blend with tahini (sesame seed paste) or put shish kabob items on skewers. Enhance the experience of an Arabian night by placing large pillows on the floor or ground for people to sit on while eating.


Images of the Middle East and the "Arabian Nights" tales commonly include belly dancers. Many online sites offer simple belly dancing instructions, videos and printable sheets that allows you to guide guests in a fun beginner belly dancing activity. Additionally, many local belly dance instruction schools or teachers offer both beginner belly dancing lessons for parties or demonstrations.


A costume contest gives the guests an opportunity to create, show off and compete with their outfits, including belly dancing or Bedouin styles. Include information in the invitation regarding the contest. Another option, particularly with younger children, includes providing costumes and materials for them to dress up as part of the party activities. Provide head cloths and cords for creating Arabic headgear for men or ankle and arm bracelets with bells and scarves for women to give all guests an opportunity to participate in the "Arabian Nights" experience.

Crafts and Games

Creating crafts related to the theme provides entertainment and items to make the party memorable for younger children. Guests might create a genie bottle by decorating a glass or plastic bottle with ribbons, beads, buttons or glitter. Other options include painting or drawing Middle East-related pictures and making treasure chests by decorating shoe or other small boxes. Guest might enjoy games such as pin the tail on the camel or breaking a camel pinata.

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