How to Apply Drum Silencers

by Chris Brower
Silencers are a way to practice drums without bothering other people.

Silencers are a way to practice drums without bothering other people.

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Practicing drums can be difficult, due to their loud volume. While the drums may be music to your ears, other people in the building or nearby might find them loud and distracting. That's where drum silencers come in, doing just that: silencing the drums, so you can play without making much noise at all. Drum silencers are thin pads in the shape of your drums that you place on them, and make little noise when struck. Drum silencers vary based on brand, but there are guidelines to follow when applying them to your drums.

Step 1

Acquire drum silencers that match the exact sizes of your drums. Measure each drum across the top of the drumhead. If your floor tom has an 18-inch drumhead, get a drum silencer that is for an 18-inch drum.

Step 2

Place the snare, toms and floor tom silencers on top of the drum, nestling the silencer within the rim. The silencers should just rest on top of the drum. You don't need to glue them or fasten them on in anyway, though this can vary based on what brand of drum silencers you acquire.

Step 3

Attach the silencer for the bass drum. Unlike the toms, some fastening is usually required. Typically this means attaching rubber bands or a bracket to lugs on the side of the bass drum, placing the silencer pad right where the beater hits the bass drum. These rubber bands and brackets are usually included in the drum silencer pack. Press down on the bass drum beater a few times to make sure the silencer is correctly in place.

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