Apple Baby Shower Games

by Faith Chandler
Apples are a sweet fruit prevalent around the world.

Apples are a sweet fruit prevalent around the world. Images

Baby showers are used to congratulate a mom-to-be on her pregnancy and as a way of providing needed baby items in the form of gifts. While at the party, guests will talk, eat and play party games with each other. The "Apple of My Eye" and other apple-themed parties ideas are good ways to theme a baby shower. To stay in theme, the mom-to-be will want to set up some party games using apples for the guests to play.

Bobbing for Apples

Everyone at the baby shower can get into this game, except the mom-to-be who gets to watch. It's just like the old bobbing for apples games from childhood. Fill a wide, shallow basin with water and dump some apples into it. Have players sit before the basin, one at a time, with hands behind their backs. They must dive face forward into the water and try to grab an apple with their mouth. Players take turns going for apples and the mom-to-be times each one. The fastest player gets a prize.

Forehead to Forehead

This obstacle course game requires teams of two to play. Two players press an apple between their foreheads and work together to make it through an obstacle course without dropping the apple. Set up an obstacle course outdoors with a baby or kids theme. Have the players wind their way between swing sets. Direct them to go up and down stairs. Or have them work together to change the diaper on a baby doll without dropping the apple between them. Mom-to-be can time each team as they work their way through the course. Those that drop their apples automatically lose. The fastest team wins.

Pass the Apple

This is a version of the "Pass the Orange" game, only using apples. The guests are split up into two teams. Each team must work together to pass the apple along their line of people from start to end. The only catch is they must hold the apple under their chins and pass the apple along from chin to chin. If a team drops their apple, they must start over, passing the apple down from the beginning of the line. This is a game even mom-to-be can play.

Guess the Flavor

Instead of whole apples, this game uses different flavors of apple sauces. Pick up a variety of apple sauce flavors at the store. Place a small amount of each in sample cups, enough for every guest playing the game. Label these cups with numbers and create a cheat sheet of which numbers correspond to which flavors of sauce. Have the guests taste their samples and write down their guesses for each flavor of apple sauce. The players with the most correct guesses in this applesauce game win prizes.

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