Anti Prom Ideas

by Jaime Swanson
Prom isn't the only way to celebrate the end of high school.

Prom isn't the only way to celebrate the end of high school.

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Springtime for high school seniors signifies that prom is just around the corner. However, not all students are interested in spending their or their parents' hard-earned money on a one-night party. If you're looking for an alternative to spending the night listening to piped-in music while awkwardly dancing with your friends under the surveillance of your teachers, consider grabbing a group of friends and creating your own anti-prom party.

Party at Home

Gather some of your best friends together -- guys, girls or a mix -- who also didn't want to attend the school prom. Get together at your house or a friend's house, or wherever you're most comfortable hanging out together, and spend the night playing games, watching movies, listening to music and eating snacks. Ask your parents for a later curfew so you can enjoy the same kind of free time with your friends you would have at prom and the after-party. And tell them that your party will cost hundreds of dollars less, and you'll be less likely to be pressured into doing anything you don't want to do.

Go Bowling

Put on your bowling shoes and get ready to roll at the nearest bowling alley. Grab a few friends, or enough for a couple of teams, and spend the night of what would be your high school prom throwing a few spares. If you plan accordingly, you might happen upon a night when your local bowling alley is hosting "Laser Bowling," when the lights turn dark, the black lights come on and the disco ball spins.

Sports Events

Most high school proms are scheduled in the spring, sometime after spring break. What else happens after spring break? The start of the Major League Baseball season! If you're within easy travel distance of your favorite baseball team's ballpark, buy a group of tickets and head to the field with your friends. You can enjoy spending time in the team's city before -- or after -- the game, and cheer on your favorite players as they begin their season. If you're not within easy travel distance of a major league team, check around the area for minor league parks. Farm teams start their season around the same time as their brothers in the majors, and their tickets often go for a fraction of what you might pay otherwise. If baseball doesn't interest you, check around for an event that does, such as soccer or women's fast-pitch softball. A sporting event doesn't have to be affiliated with a national organization for it to offer up an exciting afternoon.

Camping Trip

Pack up the car and a few of your closest friends and head out to your favorite campsite. Be sure to pack your MP3 player and speakers, and take enough food and soda to last you for as many days as you plan to be away from home. You can enjoy your anti-prom party swapping high school horror stories and dancing to your favorite music along with the flickering light of your campfire. If your campsite is next to a lake, make sure to bring along your fishing gear so you can catch your dinner or breakfast. Be sure not to forget your bug repellent and a first aid kit.

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