Anniversary Party Ideas and Decorations

by Sky Martin
Create a memorable anniversary party by personalizing the event.

Create a memorable anniversary party by personalizing the event.

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Traditionally, many people celebrate with large anniversary parties when they hit their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. However, an anniversary can also be celebrated when the couple reaches a five-year milestone. If you are planning an anniversary party for a loved one or yourself, set the mood of the event with the decorations. Because there are few standards anymore, from formal parties to casual barbecues, you can celebrate an anniversary any number of ways.

Potluck Anniversary

A potluck anniversary party held in the backyard or a local park is an affordable way to celebrate when money is tight. Discuss the event with people the couple has met over the years such as coworkers, church members, neighbors and other friends. Have each guest bring a dish to the party. Keep decorations simple, such as decorative terra cotta pots for centerpieces. Have guests take turns sharing stories, such as how they met the couple and their favorite memories of them. Reminiscing about the couple’s relationship enables the couple to see how they have touched the lives of others.

Five-Year Milestone

A five-year milestone in marriage is cause for celebration. Over the course of five or more years, many events have likely taken place in the couple’s life. They may have had a child, been hired for new jobs or bought a new car. Enlarge favorite photos of significant events in their marriage and display them on the wall. Personalize tables with objects associated with their lives when they met. For example, if they met while she was a college cheerleader, use pompoms as a centerpiece. If they met on a commute from work riding a train together, use trains as table centerpieces. Use the couple’s favorite colors for streamers, table linens and balloon bouquets.

Place-Specific Party Theme

If the couple enjoys traveling and has fallen in love with one particular place, use that as a party theme. For example, if the couple has spent a great deal of time in Italy or dreams of visiting there, use decorations to transform the venue. Match tablecloths, napkins and dinnerware to the colors of the Italian flag. Hang red, white and green tissue decorations such as bells, fringe garland and balls, or use large clusters of colorful grapes as table centerpieces. Hang tissue-paper grape clusters around the room, or drape artificial ivy vine garland with grape clusters on the walls. Use wrought-iron candle holders, frames and baskets. Enlarge photos of landmarks in Italy and display them on the walls.

Formal Party

Throw a formal party for a couple reaching the 25th anniversary. If your budget allows, rent a hotel ballroom, banquet hall or country club for this black-tie affair. Incorporate silver into the color scheme wherever possible. Create a festive atmosphere with large bouquets of silver and white balloons. Drape tulle and twinkling lights on the walls for a romantic effect. Use white linen and silver runners to decorate the table. Place a group of silver candles on a mirror. Another centerpiece option is using silver frames to display photos of the couple’s children or photos of the bride and groom when they were younger. Use white plates with decorative silver trim. Tie silver ribbons around napkins.

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