Anniversary Party Decorations and Centerpiece Crafts

by Carolyn Scheidies
Create an arrangement of candles in a low tray and surround with flowers

Create an arrangement of candles in a low tray and surround with flowers

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Anniversaries are celebrated to remember special events, like weddings. Anniversary parties may be held as small affairs with family, or as larger affairs with family, friends and more. Consider the wishes of those celebrating the anniversary as you plan who and how many guests to invite. Keep the focus on the people involved with the anniversary and get both children and adults involved in creating unique centerpiece crafts and decorations.

Banners & Doors

Create an anniversary banner with banner or butcher paper. Add a picture of the couple, a favorite saying, and a heading such as "Happy Anniversary to a Great Couple." Finish the banner by coloring a frame around the edges in the couple's favorite colors. Have children or grandchildren make the banner, printing the text and drawing their own representations of their parents or grandparents. Instead of streamers of crepe paper, make paper chains in a variety of colors or with two dominant colors preferred by the couple. Use the color designated for that particular anniversary such as silver for the 50th anniversary. Have younger family members make the paper chain crafts for decorations to hang over the doorways and at the edges of the head table.

Candle Centerpieces Crafts

Create centerpiece crafts around candles. Take a variety of candles both in height and width, but in a color theme for the anniversary. Circle them on a mirrored surface for a sleek, sophisticated look. Put them in a low tray and fill with flower petals or other greenery. Fill the low trays with wrapped candies in the color theme of the anniversary celebration. Cut down a cardboard box for the tray, and wrap in foil or wrapping paper. Buy or make candles in the colors used at the original wedding. Alternate the candle colors down the center of the table. Place each on the mirrored surface of an unused CD. Add a large bow or flower to the base of each candle.

Basket Centerpieces

Use baskets as centerpieces. Fill with greenery or flowers. Add strips to the baskets with the couple's favorite quotes, sayings or verses. Wrap with ribbon. Have guests fill out or bring cards with anniversary greetings. Tuck the cards into baskets filled with heart candy for the couple to read later. Create a memory basket. Have guests bring a small item that reminds them in some way of the couple. For example, a seashell is a reminder of a trip to the beach the couples took together. A key is a reminder of a first home. Write a short comment about the meaning. At the anniversary celebration, each guest explains his token before placing it into the basket, which becomes a memory not just of the anniversary celebration, but a memory of the past, family and friends.

Posters and Pictures

Focus on the anniversary with a poster with a collage of pictures of the couple's marriage. Include identifiers for time and location. Create a poster with pictures of children, siblings or other loved ones along with greetings of appreciation. Lay out picture albums on a table for guests to look through. Include pages or an album in which anniversary celebration guests can write notes of greeting and their names. Lay out pictures of the couple and their family on the tables. Add notes to explain the pictures. Cover with thick, clear plastic tablecloths so guests can sit, eat, and look at pictures without damaging the display.

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