"Anne of Green Gables" Party Ideas

by Lauren Thomason, Demand Media

    "Ann of Green Gables" is the first book in a series written by L.M. Montgomery. The story takes place in the early 20th century on Prince Edward Island, off the eastern coast of Canada. Its heroine is a precocious young orphan, Anne Shirley. An "Anne of Green Gables" party theme is appropriate for young girls, with its theme of living life to the fullest.

    Tea Party

    A tea party serves as an important plot point in the novel and it would make an excellent choice for an Anne of Green Gables theme. Serve a variety of dainty sandwiches, gingerbread cookies and homemade ice cream. Make a raspberry cordial, which caused all the trouble at the tea party in the book. Add one tsp.of lemon juice to reconstituted raspberry juice.

    Dress Like Anne Contest

    Invite the girls attending your Anne of Green Gables party to dress like Anne and award prizes to the winners. Hand out different awards for categories such as best hair, freckles, hat and dress. Award a small trinket of jewelry or wide-brimmed hat to the overall winner of the dress-up contest.

    Dramatic Readings Contest

    Other than her red hair, Anne is most known for her dramatic flair and bubbly personality. Challenge your guests to read a piece of poetry just as dramatically as Anne would. Assign a different poem to each guest. Or have the girls read from particularly dramatic portions of the book, such as when Anne first saw Green Gables, when she was naming all the surrounding landmarks or when she traveled through the spooky forest. Award a prize for the most dramatic reading.

    Picnic Games

    One of Anne's dreams was to taste ice cream for the first time in her life. Her wish came true at a Sunday school picnic. Plan the old-fashioned types of games that might have been played at a picnic during the early 20th century. Egg-and-spoon races, three-legged races, horseshoes or stick ball are all possibilities. If you're holding the party in summer and the facilities are available, take all the guests for a hayride.

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