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by Edwin Thomas


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As a historic port on the Chesapeake Bay, the state capital of Maryland and the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis is a magnet for tourists and business travelers alike. While some of the city's most charming lodgings are found within the red brick confines of its historic district, other worthy hotels and bed and breakfasts can be found in the adjoining neighborhoods that are or almost are as conveniently placed.


The main tourist draw of Annapolis is its historic district, which occupies a small area around the Maryland State House and due east toward the harbor, but it is not necessary to stay in the historic district to properly enjoy it. Neighboring Eastport is connected to the historic area by a small bridge over Spa Creek, and lodgings there should be no more than a 15-minute walk from what is Annapolis's most interesting feature. Visitors staying in other parts of Annapolis will probably be beyond walking distance, so should pay close attention to their hotel's parking arrangements, as they will need a car to get around.

The Annapolis Inn

Ranked as an "exceptional" hotel by Frommer's, the Annapolis Inn is one of the top hostelries in the historic district. Set in a house dating to the 1770s, this bed and breakfast has only three rooms, so advance booking is advised. The rooms are richly and elegantly decorated in a style in keeping with the inn's colonial-period origins. Add to that the third-floor deck, with its views of the state capitol, the naval academy and the harbor, and this inn becomes a choice for visitors to immerse themselves in Annapolis' historic atmosphere.

Eastport House

This bed and breakfast is set in the oldest house in Eastport, which started life as an 1860s farmhouse. The house has five guest rooms, each with its own nautical theme and decorated in a traditional fashion. The breakfast menu changes every day and consists of classic favorites such as waffles or blueberry pancakes, which are served either in the dining room or on the wide side porch. In terms of location, Eastport House is a few minutes' walk from the Annapolis Maritime Museum and 10 minutes from the historic district.

The Westin Annapolis

With a top rating from Frommer's, Annapolis' Westin is among the best upper-end chain hotels. Part of the major redevelopment project of West Street, the Westin is adjacent to a handful of old city cemeteries and about a half-dozen blocks down the road from the state capitol in an area packed with office buildings, restaurants and shops. The rooms come with big windows that let in plenty of light, and if the view is somewhat lacking, at least the beds and furnishings are luxurious. An added plus is that the hotel operates a free shuttle into the historic district.

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