Animal-Themed Girl's Birthday Party

by Samantha Kemp
Frame your birthday party around the leopard.

Frame your birthday party around the leopard.

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Make your little tiger cub guests roar with a sophisticated and feminine animal-themed birthday party. Costumes, invitations fit for a jungle, the right venue, decorations, and, of course, the cake merge together to form the animal birthday party that your daughter and her friends will remember forever.


Several animal themes are available for a girl's birthday. Some options include a safari theme, jungle theme, zoo animal theme, farm animal theme, or a theme based on animals in a movie. Select your specific theme early in the process so you can coordinate other items to your theme.


To achieve your animal theme, it's important to have a venue that evokes an animal theme. A zoo, petting zoo, aquarium and botanical garden are all good options. Your home or backyard is another option if it is decorated appropriately.


Many animal-themed invitations are available at local card shops or online, but you can always choose to make your own. Cut the shape of an animal face out of colored construction paper or card stock. Your daughter can help decorate each invitation with eyes, ears, nose and a mouth, as well as information about the party. Rhinestones, ribbon and beads help make the invitations more feminine.


Instruct your birthday party guests to come in costumes that match the theme. As an alternative, you can set up a craft station at the party where guests can make animal headbands with ears or have their faces painted. Leopard-patterned togas, dresses and purses are another option for the little fashionistas.

Cups and Plates

Animal-themed plates and cups are readily available at your local party store. The paper plates that look like the face of an animal are also available at many supermarkets. For a DIY approach, add your own decorations to cups and plates. Use a large and small circle punch to cut out eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth from construction paper. An animal tail can be constructed out of a curled piece of paper. Glue to plates and cups with a glue stick.


Incorporate animal home decor to stage the party area. Animal-themed pictures, mirrors, picture frames, pillows, lamps and fabric help set the scene for your girly birthday party. Green streamers and balloons are cheap and effective decorations. Zebra tablecloths adorn guest tables. Bamboo stakes, hanging bananas, coconuts plants and fake palm trees help evoke a jungle theme. Stuffed animals finally can serve a purpose as entertainment for young kids at the party. Your guests can take the animals home with them as a favor, leaving your daughter with only 200 stuffed animals remaining.


A well-executed theme must include a theme cake. The Parenting and Coolest Birthday Cakes websites feature instructions on making your own animal cake, including cakes shaped like an owl, rabbit, cheetah, flamingo, giraffe, penguin or pig (see Resources). Another option is to make a cake in a more traditional shape, but add colored frosting for a zebra or leopard pattern.

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