Animal Birthday Party Themes for Girls

by Carolyn Scheidies
Decorate with teddy bears for a bear-themed birthday party.

Decorate with teddy bears for a bear-themed birthday party. Images

Girls gravitate toward animals, usually those with fluffy fur. Many girls have beds and shelves overflowing with stuffed animals. Others spend time with pet cats, dogs and bunnies. Others ride horses. An animal-themed birthday uses what girls enjoy from the world of animals, real or stuffed, to create a fun party for the birthday girl.


For the girl who collects stuffed bears, plan a bear-themed birthday party. Design invitations in the shape of a bear. Make the cake in the shape of a stuffed bear and serve gummy bears. For a centerpiece use three different stuffed bears in a circle back to back on the table. Hold them together with ribbon and a bow in the birthday girl's favorite color. Have girls make their own bear masks or puppets from paper bags and do bear skit stories. Have them take on characters of bear stories such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," update it, and present the story to the other birthday guests. As birthday tokens, each girl takes home a stuffed bear, key chain or other bear-related item. Take the girls to the zoo to see real bears and learn about them.


Girls and horses go together. Take the girls to a farm, ranch or other place where they can hold the party and ride horses. For younger children, bring in a pony for them to take turns riding. Decorate with pictures of different breeds of horses or, if the birthday girl prefers one breed such as the palomino, decorate with posters and three-dimensional figures of horses. Girls take home a horse figure and stickers. Have a rearing horse on the cake. If your birthday girl prefers a western theme, create a ranch theme. Provide cowboy hats, which the girls will take home, or ask guests to arrive dressed as cowpokes. Serve beans and barbecue.

Bunnies and More

Make a stuffed animal-themed party, using your birthday girl's stuffed animal collection as decorations. Plan games around "Finding the Bunny," that you hide and the girls must find. Call out directions such as "warmer" or "cooler." Create a story line of how the bunny was kidnapped and only the girls can rescue her. Leave written clues to follow. Design a guessing game from the stuffed animals asking such questions as, "How many stuffed animals does (add the birthday girl's name) have?" Visit a nature barn or farm for the party and get acquainted with real bunnies, goats and cows.


A unicorn isn't really a horse and isn't even real. However, for girls there is a magical quality about a being that looks like a horse, but has a magical horn. Create a unicorn-themed birthday party with posters, bright-colored balloons and unicorns on the cake, plates and napkins. Unicorns and princesses go together. Ask guests to arrive as their favorite princess from a book, game or movie. Provide scarves, diaphanous cloth, dress shoes and lots of rings, bracelets and shiny things for the guests to dress up as a princess. Hand out stuffed unicorns, which the girls will take home, for the girls to name and adorn in bling.

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