Animal Birthday Party Games

by Krystal Miller

If you have a child who adores animals, chances are you will be hosting an animal-themed birthday party for him and his friends. Plan a variety of animal-themed birthday games to keep the children busy and give them a chance to earn prizes they can take home as mementos of the party. From a safari party to a zoo party, incorporating a variety of games will have the children "meowing," "mooing" and "growling" with excitement.

Tossing Games

Draw several animal heads on a large poster board and tape the poster to the bottom of a cardboard box. Cut the mouths out of each animal and write a point value above each animal head. Lean the box against a wall and have the children toss beanbags into the mouths of the animals. The player who earns the most points wins a prize. Mark a standing line and have children try to toss animal beanbags into buckets. Label the buckets with a point value and the child who scores the most points in 10 tosses wins the game.

Hunt Games

Create a donkey hunt by hiding a plush donkey in the party area. The first player who finds the donkey wins a prize. Alternatively, hide any type of plush animal for the children to hunt. For a team game, divide the children into groups of three or four. Hide several plastic eggs around the party area. Give each team a bucket and tell them to collect as many chicken eggs as they can. The team who finds the most eggs wins the game. Add party favors like candy and stickers in each egg for added fun. The children can divide the favors up to take home.

Funny Games

Have the children participate in a bunny hop race outdoors. Mark a starting line and finish line 25 feet apart. Children will line up at the starting line and hop to the finish line like a bunny. Have the children race individually or in a team-style race. Other race ideas include bear crawling and crab walking. Or, have a flamingo contest to see which child can stand on one leg the longest. The child who stands on one leg the longest amount of time wins the game.

Other Games

Instead of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," have the children "Pin the Tail on the Horse" or "Pin the Tail on the Pig." Have an animal sound contest and have each child give her best animal sound impersonation. Award prizes to the best, funniest, loudest, silliest and scariest animal sounds. Try a messy eating game by placing a plate of gelatin in front of each child. Tell the children to put their hands behind their back and pretend to be a pig. The first child to eat her gelatin wins the game.

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