"American Gladiators" Party Ideas

by Scott Levin

The "Joust," an event on "American Gladiators," required competitors to remain standing on a small pillar.

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"American Gladiators," the show pitting average men and women off the street against musclebound warriors, debuted in 1989. Fans across the globe tuned in to watch everyday people battle the gladiators in a variety of athletic events, including "Wall" and "Power Ball." Throwing an "American Gladiators" party gives you many options when deciding on party games and themes.

Screen Past Episodes

At an "American Gladiators" party, it is almost a requirement that episodes of the show are playing. Recent episodes of the show have aired on NBC and MTV. However, if you want to play original episodes of the show, early seasons of "American Gladiators" are available on DVD. Reminisce about your favorite gladiators and events while viewing the fierce battles.

Recreate Gladiator-Style Events

Transforming your home into the "American Gladiators" arena may be a bit much, but that shouldn't stop you from recreating some of the show's events. Set up a "Joust" event by placing two contestants on opposing chairs and equipping each with a foam bat. Recreate "Power Ball," in which contestants race to place balls in buckets, with storage bins. If you are feeling ambitious, set up an obstacle course to mimic the "Assault" game. Use foam guns and balls as weapons.

Throw a Gladiator Costume Party

"American Gladiators" and the visiting contestants were known for wearing tight stretch-fabric uniforms while doing battle. Have party guests try to replicate the uniforms or create their own "American Gladiators" costumes. Guests not looking to squeeze into tight uniforms can wear suits to pose as hosts Larry Csonka and Mike Adamle. The costumes are sure to be a hit and a definite reason for taking plenty of pictures at the party.

Give Your Guests Gladiator Names

On "American Gladiators," each of the show's gladiators was given a fierce name to represent a specific physical prowess. "Blaze," "Zap," "Lace," "Nitro," "Cyclone," "Thunder" and "Turbo" were just a few of the many gladiators to appear on the show. For your party, give each guest an "American Gladiators" name or have partygoers create a name for themselves or other guests.

Decorate in the Show's Colors

An easy way to get guests in the "American Gladiators" mood is to deck the party in the traditional show colors: red, white and blue. Everything from plates, napkins, cups, flowers and tablecloths can feature the colors. Hang posters and pictures from the show to further set the mood.

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