Amateur Skateboarding Competitions in California

by Joseph Cohen
Skate contests are open to all ages.

Skate contests are open to all ages.

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Amateur skate contests are great fun for young skateboarders, giving them a chance to showcase their skills while observing the talents and creativity of their peers. California has many excellent contests, with most of them open to amateurs of all ages, including under-10 divisions. Many skate parks have contests of their own, and a few larger contests are highlighted here.

California State Games

The California State Games are an Olympic-style event held each year. During the summer games, a skateboarding competition is held. There are mini-ramp, street, pool and vert ramp events, with participants of all ages welcome, including divisions for unsponsored skaters. The events are held in July or August each year in Encinitas.

Central Valley AM JAM

The Central Valley AM JAM is not one contest, but a series of four street skating contests held from April through July at skate parks in Riverbank, Ripon, Ceres and Patterson. The contests are a series of five-minute jam sessions, with the first round consisting of four skaters on the course at once, then another jam session to determine the winner of each division.

Monterey Bay Skate Jam Series

The Monterey Bay Skate Jam series is another group of contests, held once a month April through October, at the Marina and Monterey Skateparks in Monterey. Contest participants of all ages will have two one-minute runs. Winners in the under-8 age group will be awarded at this point, while other age groups will have an additional 1-minute run to determine the winners.

Epic Skatepark

The Epic Indoor Skatepark in Sacramento offers many contests over the year. These include events during their overnight lock-in, on Go Skate Day, the Lucky Scooter Parts Epic Jam, the Maloof Road Tour and the Epic Summer Jam. During the summer months, Epic averages a contest every two weeks for amateur skateboarders.


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