Aluminum Foil Crown Craft

by Carolyn Scheidies
Mold aluminum foil around a cardboard cutout to create a crown.

Mold aluminum foil around a cardboard cutout to create a crown.

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In fairy tales, queens, kings, princesses and princes wear crowns. The image of a crown is that it glitters with silver or gold and jewels. While real silver and gold aren't going to be available for the play crowns worn by your little prince and princess, you can make silver crowns using aluminum foil.

Covered Cardboard Crown

A plain sheet of aluminum foil makes a good covering when you create a crown from stronger material such as cardboard. Let your little princess design her crown on a piece of flat cardboard cut to the circumference of her head plus 2 inches extra on each end. The cardboard needs to be flexible enough to fold around the head. She can make and cut out the usual image of a crown with pointed peaks and valleys. Once the crown is cut out, fold it around your daughter's head to check the size, and then remove it and staple it together. Wrap foil around the crown, snipping the foil and molding it around the points of the crown. Double-stick tape helps keep foil in place. Use glitter pens to create jewels on the crown.

All-Foil Crown

Aluminum foil tears easily, but you can create a foil crown by using a heavier-weight foil and layers. Tear off two sheets long enough to fit the head that will wear the crown. Layer the sheets of foil, putting one on top of the other. Keep track of which is the height of the foil to be used for the crown points and which is the length or part that fits around the head. Starting at the bottom edge of the length, fold up 2 inches, then fold up 2 inches again. This becomes the base band and adds stability. Fold the top to meet the top edge of the band. Cut the crown pattern from this folded top. Tape or glue together the point edges of the crown. Add jewel stickers. Mold around the head for size, remove it and staple or tape it for a foil crown.

Headband Crown

Use a plain, wide headband as the base for a crown. Cut a 7-inch-long and 6-inch-wide strip of heavyweight paper or card stock. Create the points of the crown leaving an 1½-inch band on the bottom. Snip 1 inch from the bottom up every ¾ inch along the card stock length to make tabs. Alternately fold the tabs forward and backward. This allows you to mold the strip of crown points around the headband. Glue the tabs to the headband. Cover everything with aluminum foil for a silver crown. Glue on colorful beads for jewels.

Papier-Mache Crown

Create a crown sculpture with papier-mache. Rip newspapers into strips that are 1 inch wide and 3 to 5 inches long. Make a paste of flour and water; start with flour and pour in water until you have a dough consistency that sticks together when you mold it. Dip the strips, one at a time, into the paste and squeeze off the excess. Mold the papier-mache strips around a cardboard frame. If using more than one layer, dry it between layers. Each layer may take 24 hours to dry or less if it's placed near a heat source such as sunlight or a heater vent. Check that the crown fits the head that it will adorn. Let it dry completely before covering the crown with aluminum foil, bead jewels and glitter for a one-of-a-kind sturdy crown.

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