Alternatives for High Speed Internet in Wright County, Minnesota

by Lawrence Koenig
Wright County, Minnesota has several businesses which can provide you with quick Internet services.

Wright County, Minnesota has several businesses which can provide you with quick Internet services.

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Wright County, Minnesota was established in 1855 and is home to 124,000 Minnesotans. Although Wright County is rural in nature, it still has all the modern amenities when it comes to high-speed Internet services. Local Internet service provider companies working out of the county's larger towns such as Annandale and Buffalo take into account the rural nature of the county's households and make alternative Internet accessible.

Bison Quantum Connect

Working out of the city of Buffalo is Bison Quantum Connect. This high-speed wireless Internet provider is dedicated to high-speed Internet for its customers. If you're looking for wireless Internet service without a long-term contract, no activation fee and local live support, then Bison Quantum Connect is an option. It offers both residential and business Internet service plans and provides local live assistance for any of your customer service needs. Bison Quatum Connect is owned by the City of Buffalo.


Working out of Buffalo, Minnesota, is one of the country's larger Internet service and telecommunications companies, Qwest Communications. Qwest is distinct among its competitors for its ability to bundle other communications such as satellite and phone service packages for its customer base. Qwest provides broadband services through its broadband services company, Century Link. Business and personal services are available along with wholesale accounts. Century Link also provides home security services as well.

Cyeronic Communications

Nearby Monticello, Minnesota is home to Cyberonic communications. This national provider of residential telecommunications offers a nationwide wireless broadband high-speed Internet connection that's also available through DSL. It offers 3G and 4G communications and is dedicated to bringing high-speed Internet services to rural customers nationwide. Prices will vary according to the plan you choose and the speed at which you want your services implemented. All plans come with unlimited access and free email accounts.

Charter Communications

Charter Communications is a franchised Internet Service Provider that offers fast Internet services to the residents of Wright County and the surrounding areas. Charter, like Qwest, offers bundled packages with Internet, television services and landline phone services, including long distance, all in one. Charter's packaged services start at about $80 a month, as of June 2011.

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