An Alternative to a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

by Kent Page McGroarty

Not all brides and grooms want their bachelorette and bachelor parties to be filled with strippers, condom-shaped accessories and so much alcohol they barely remember the night's activities. Luckily, there are alternatives to those traditional pre-nuptial functions that bridal parties and groomsmen can enjoy without monster hangovers or even general feelings of shame.

Sports-related Options

Both bachelor and bachelorette party planners can opt for sports-related events, such as trips to see favorite sports teams, including professional baseball and football teams. Splurge on box seats if possible. Other sports-related ideas include organizing a golf trip or team-sport options such as renting an indoor hockey arena, basketball court, baseball or football field for a flag football game. Other recreational sport ideas include paintball tournaments or taking a beach trip and organizing games of beach volleyball.

Weekend Trips

Weekend trips are another option for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. Plan a weekend getaway to a spa or spiritual retreat to come back refreshed and renewed for the wedding, or create an "adventure weekend" itinerary filled with daring activities, such as sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and extreme skiing or snowboarding. Another weekend trip option is to rent a shore house or go camping, which can include surf lessons or wilderness survival tutorials, if desired.

Food-related Options

Brides and grooms who are self-proclaimed "foodies" will enjoy food-related events in lieu of traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties. Book wine-and-cheese tastings at local wineries, or do a tour of nearby wineries in areas like Napa, California or Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Special menus and private rooms can be booked at restaurants the bride or groom has always wanted to try, or sign up for food tours around your city, such as those that feature stops at chocolate and dessert shops.

Music-related Options

Other alternatives for bachelor and bachelorette parties involve music. If the bride or groom's favorite band or singer is coming to town, get the best seats you can afford. If you and your fellow groomsmen/bridesmaids have the funds, you can even book hotel rooms to follow a band around your state or neighboring states. Musicals are another option for the bride who has always wanted to see a certain show but hasn't gotten around to it. Yet another option is a weekend at a rock 'n' roll fantasy camp.

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