How to Alphabetize iTunes Songs

by Cristina Gauthier, Demand Media

    If you are a big music fan, you may have so much music on your computer that you will need some organization to avoid having a messy workspace. ITunes, a software developed by Apple, allows you to have a music player with an interactive interface, as well as organize your music according to your needs. There are various options to organize your music, including sorting the songs by their name in alphabetical order.

    Step 1

    Open iTunes by double-clicking on its icon.

    Step 2

    Navigate to the desired playlist in your iTunes library. Locate the playlist in the iTunes sidebar and click on the playlist to open it in your iTunes window.

    Step 3

    Click on the "Name" column to sort your songs by their name. Click on the column name to sort them in alphabetical order from "A" to "Z." Click a second time to sort them from "Z" to "A."

    Tips & Warnings

    • This sorting method also functions with other column names, such as sorting your songs by "Artists."

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