"Alice in Wonderland" Plot Synopsis

by Iam Jaebi

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, also known as Alice in Wonderland, in 1865. Since then it has continued to grow in popularity, being retold as animated and live-action movies. In 2010, Tim Burton directed an updated version of the classic story, starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Alice Follows a White Rabbit

Alice leads a normal 19th-century life until she follows a white rabbit, sporting a pocket watch, into what appears to be a rabbit hole. The hole is much deeper than Alice expects and she falls for a long time, landing in "Wonderland." Initially, Alice finds herself in a hallway of doors and uses a key to open a small door leading to a garden. She discovers a drink that makes her shrink and cake that makes her grow. It takes Alice several attempts to use the right combination of drink and cake to become the right size to get through the door.

Alice Journey's Through the Woods

After finding herself in several awkward situations as a result of being too big or too small, Alice travels through the woods, where she meets several animals. A smoking caterpillar gives her advice and a mushroom with two sides, one for shrinking and the other for growing. Alice gets the hang of the mushroom and becomes the right size to enter the house of the Duchess, who fights with a cook despite the presence of a baby. Alice is given the baby, which turns into a pig and runs away. Soon after, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat, who sends her to a mad tea party, where she has a confusing conversation with March Hare, the Mad Hatter and a sleeping dormouse.

The Queen of Hearts

After leaving the mad tea party, Alice discovers the Queen of Hearts's court and witnesses the Queen's vile ways as playing card-shaped subjects paint white roses red for fear of getting their heads chopped off by the white-rose-hating Queen. Alice befriends the Queen and is invited to play croquet with flamingos as mallets and rodents as balls. Alice later learns about undersea school from a gryphon and the Mock Turtle.

The Trial

The gryphon introduces Alice to the Knave of Hearts, accused of stealing the Queens tarts. His trial involves many of the characters Alice has met on her journey, including the King of Hearts as judge, the Hatter as an incoherent witness and the White Rabbit as a trumpeter. Meanwhile, Alice inexplicably begins to grow larger and is eventually called as a witness. She doesn't approve of the proceedings, and her opinions anger the Queen. The Queen orders Alice to be beheaded and as the deck of card soldiers advance on Alice she is awakened by her sister for tea time. It seems she has been dreaming all along.

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