Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower Games

by Christine LaFleur
Play baby shower games based off of

Play baby shower games based off of "Alice in Wonderland."

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If you are throwing a baby shower for a mother-to-be who adores Lewis Carroll's famous book and the movie adaptions, throw her an "Alice in Wonderland" baby shower. You can incorporate an Alice theme into all aspects of the shower, especially the baby shower games. The "Alice in Wonderland" story offers many ideas for games you can play with your baby shower guests.

Guess Which Tea?

Guessing baby food flavors is a popular activity at baby showers, but if you throwing an "Alice in Wonderland" baby shower, you may want to have guests guess tea flavors. Brew several different flavors of tea. Provide small paper cups for each guest. Have guests sample the first pot of tea. The first person to correctly guess the tea flavor gets a point. Continue until every pot of tea is identified. The person with the most points wins a prize.

Find Alice

You will need several baby dolls for this game. Hide the dolls in obscure places around the party location before guests arrive. Tell guests that Alice drank the secret potion and shrunk to the size of a baby. Not only did she shrink, but she multiplied to become many baby Alices. Divide your guests into two groups and have them find as many Alices as they can in 10 minutes. The team with the most baby dolls wins.

Drink Me

You will need enough baby bottles for each of your guests. Fill each baby bottle half-full with a beverage. You could use water, milk, soda or punch. Have each guest begin drinking from their baby bottles at the same time. The first guest to completely finish her bottle wins a prize.


Test your guests' knowledge of "Alice in Wonderland" with a little trivia game based on the story. You could ask almost any question you would like about the story. For example, "What was the Mad Hatter's riddle?" or "Who wrote 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?" The guest who knows the most about "Alice in Wonderland" wins a prize.

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