Air Force Party Decoration Ideas

by Kyra Sheahan

While you may not think your Air Force buddies care about things like balloons and banners, decorations can transform your party environment from just another get-together to something much more festive. Decorations can also be used to show respect towards whatever is being celebrated such as a birthday, promotion or retirement. And don't think that you have to run to the party supply store to stock up on military paraphernalia. Keep the environment authentic by using real Air Force items in your decorations.


Use the U.S. Air Force seal in your decor. You can hang posters of the seal on the walls, or create a wall of seal patches by pinning them to a pegboard that you display when guests first arrive at the party. Find an Air Force banner to hang across the ceiling to give the party room floor-to-ceiling decorations. You might already own a banner from being in the Air Force, or, if not, you can purchase them from military supply stores.

America Paraphernalia

You can't go wrong with American paraphernalia when it comes to decorating for a military party. Hang an over-sized American flag from the ceiling, or decorate your room with small American flag centerpieces on the tables. A centerpiece can be made from miniature red, white and blue balloons on sticks, embellished with miniature American flags and displayed in a vase.

USAF Colors

Gold and dark blue are the main colors affiliated with the United States Air Force, so use these colors in your decorations. Set gold tablecloths on the tables with dark blue plastic plates, or fill the party space with blue and gold helium balloons and paper streamers.

Authentic Photographs

Use authentic photographs of Air Force personnel and heroes in your decorations. Set framed pictures on the tables or around the party space to serve as respect and inspiration to others. You might use a framed photograph as a centerpiece with candles on a table, or simply set the frames up on shelves for people to admire. If you don't have photographs to frame, you can print and frame the Airman's Creed, which is patriotic and speaks to what being in the Air Force is about.

Original Uniforms

Use original, retired uniforms to decorate your party space. You can make a wall of USAF uniforms by nailing them into the wall and letting them hang on display.


Set small-scale toy aircrafts around the room or on the tables as centerpieces. You can have a different aircraft for each table, and assign people to tables based on the aircrafts that they fly.

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