After Marriage Shower Invitation Wording

by Abby Slutsky

Although bridal showers are typically held before the wedding, there are instances when it makes sense to have them afterward. Sometimes the couple is unable to have a pre-wedding bridal shower because of military or job commitments that make it impractical. Other times, the couple may elope and be unable to celebrate their nuptials with friends and family before the wedding. A post-bridal shower gives friends and family the opportunity to celebrate the couple's marriage.

Shower Invitation Wording

According to Wedding Cram, it is becoming more acceptable for men to be invited to showers. Additionally, when guests are invited to a post-wedding shower, it may be their first opportunity to share in the celebration of the couple's recent marriage. Regardless of whether you invite just the bride's female friends or couples, clearly state who is invited. Be sure to address the invitations using the invitees' formal names.

General Invitation Content

Mention that the couple is married in the invitation. This is especially important if you are inviting guests who you have not recently seen the couple. State that the couple wants to share their newfound happiness with friends. Include vital information, such as the location, the response time, the hosts and directions to the event.

Deciding on Wording

Create a poem or verse that invites friends to the shower. If you are unable to brainstorm language you like, browse post wedding reception invitations and modify them for a shower or examine invitation books of shower invitations. Keep the shower invitations more casual than a wedding invitation. If you are incorporating a theme into the shower, mention it in the invitation.


According to Frugal Bride, it is acceptable to include information about gifts in a bridal shower invitation. Include an insert with your invitation that indicates where you are registered. You can also print registry information on the invitation. Consider including a link to a website with registry information.

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