African-American Heritage Celebrations in Dallas

by Terry Hollis
Enjoy food, fun and a celebration of the contributions of Black Americans.

Enjoy food, fun and a celebration of the contributions of Black Americans.

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Dallas, Texas, is home to one of the nations largest concentrations of African Americans, and the history, traditions and contemporary influence is alive and well throughout the city's social scene. Every year Dallas hosts a number of festivities aimed at applauding the accomplishments of African Americans, as well as providing a platform to socialize, network and just have fun. From art to food to music, this Texas city knows how to put its best foot forward.

Texas Black Film Festival

The Texas Black Film Festival gives black filmmakers a chance to showcase their works to audiences who may never get to see their films in another venue. The festival, held in Dallas, highlights films that communicate the concerns and points of view of black Americans while offering workshops and discussions to inspire the next generation of artists. There are also awards given to narrative, documentary and experimental works that show exceptional promise.

Natural Hair Parade And Festival

Isis Brantley is the first businessperson to own a natural hair braiding salon in the Dallas area, and she's also the brains behind the Natural Hair Parade and Festival. The festival is meant to celebrate the beauty and individuality of natural hair, as well as raise awareness about the opportunities for economic independence for black Americans. Singer Erykah Badu, a friend of Brantley's, is also a sponsor and advocate for the cause.

Dallas Black Pride

Dallas has a thriving gay community, and each year African American men and women come together to raise awareness for issues like HIV, discrimination and political policies affecting the gay population. The event is also a chance to celebrate how far the community has come. Vendor booths, keynote addresses and fashions shows give the African American gay community of Dallas a place to connect and strengthen its bonds.

Dallas Symphony

Every year the Dallas Symphony hosts an African American Festival to bring attention to African American musicians, composers and conductors who have contributed to the art of classical and contemporary music. The Dallas Symphony makes an effort to connect with the surrounding communities, giving schools and other organizations an opportunity to come to Symphony Hall and listen to the works of African American artists throughout history. The event began in 1992.

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