Advice for the Couple Game for a Bridal Shower

by Rebekah Worsham
Party games are excellent ways to break the ice at bridal showers.

Party games are excellent ways to break the ice at bridal showers.

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Party games are entertaining ways to encourage guest interaction and can help party guests to get to know one another. A variety of bridal party games offer a lighthearted approach to marriage, advising the soon-to-be married couple on everything from balancing the family budget to dealing with the most meddlesome of in-laws.

Advice From the Heart

As guests arrive to the bridal shower, greet each guest with a small heart cut-out made of pink construction paper. Encourage each guest to write down her best piece of advice for a happy marriage on the heart-shaped piece of paper and drop it in a heart-shaped vase, candy dish or keepsake box without signing it. During the party, present the notes of advice to the bride-to-be to read aloud. Encourage guests to identify which piece of advice was written by which guest. The guest with the most number of correct guesses wins a prize.

Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions is a twist on traditional bridal advice games. As each guest arrives, she is supplied with a pen and two sheets of paper. One one sheet, each guest is asked to write down common issues faced by newlyweds, such as the groom discovering his bride's chronic morning breath or the groom's snoring problem. On the opposite sheet of paper, the guest writes a possible solution to the problem such as suggesting the bride pop a breath mint before getting out of bed or kicking hubby to the couch when he snores. All the papers with problems are put into one basket and the papers with solutions are placed in another. A sheet is randomly chosen from each basket and read aloud. Guests vote on the best piece of advice and the chosen writer wins a prize.

Advice on the Record

Place a video camera in the corner of a room with a chair placed directly in front of the camera. Encourage each guest at the bridal shower to sit before the camera and offer her best or funniest piece of advice for the soon-to-be newlyweds. After each guest has recorded her advice, play the video for the bride-to-be and her guests. At the end of the evening, take a poll to see who can remember the most pieces of advice from the video. The guest who remembers the most pieces of advice wins the prize.

Fishing for Advice

Give each guest a standard-size index card with several holes punched across the top. Ask each guest the write a piece of advice to the bride-to-be on how to best ensure a happy marriage. Collect the index cards from each guest and place them in a large, glass fish bowl. Attach an open paperclip to the end of a string of yarn or ribbon. Blindfold each guest one at a time and ask them to try to "fish" out as many pieces of advice as they can by attempting to hook one of the holes from an index card with the makeshift fishing rod. The guest who is able to fish out the most index cards and read them aloud receives a prize.

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