Adult Rock Climbing in Houston, Texas

by Alana Armstrong
Adult rock climbing sessions abound in the Houston area.

Adult rock climbing sessions abound in the Houston area.

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Rock climbing is an intense sport that helps to bring people together through trust and leadership. For adults, this can prove to be an effective tool for professional team-building, but it can also be a fun night out. Adult climbers in the Houston area have several options in the way of rock climbing, which allows them to have fun without the kids.

Stone Moves

Stone Moves ( is one of the largest indoor rock climbing gyms in Houston. They offer an overnight lock-in program as a unique way for a group of coworkers or friends to get to know one another better and build trust and leadership skills. The lock-in activities, which start at $20 per person, include eight hours of rock climbing with instruction and equipment rentals.

Texas Rock Gym

Texas Rock Gym ( has several programs for adults. The Team Building program allows adult coworkers and acquaintances to build trust and leadership through climbing activities. Beyond that, Texas Rock Gym has special prices that cater to adults every day of the week. Monday is Ladies Night, which gives women 50 percent off after 6 p.m. Thursday is Public Service Night where police officers, firefighters, military personnel and EMTs get 50 percent off of their day passes. Friday and Saturday is Student Night, which allows college students with a valid ID to get half off of their climbing passes.

Life Time Fitness, Champions

The Champions location of Life Time Fitness ( in Houson offers a large rock climbing gym as one of their regular amenities. Although the rock climbing gym is available to all members, adults can have the climbing or bouldering routes incorporated into their personal training routines. The area can also be rented out for office or birthday events.

University of Houston Campus Recreation Center

The climbing wall located in the University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center ( is a place for students to convene and take part in a healthy activity. The 52-foot wall offers over 6,000 square feet of climbing area, with routes that are always changing. The Outdoor Adventure Climbing Wall is free for students and includes all necessary equipment and professional instruction.

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