Adult Group Party Games for Christmas & New Year

by Krystal Miller
Create entertaining holiday party games for a group of adults.

Create entertaining holiday party games for a group of adults.

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Adult party games break the ice for any newcomers and help guests make new friends. When planning a Christmas or New Year's party, prepare a variety of group games for the guests to play that incorporate the holiday. Parties allow adults to take a break from work and family life for some fun entertainment. Encourage each adult to play along by awarding gift cards and holiday decorations to all game winners.

Easy Games

For an easy game, play a game of holiday bingo. Give the each player a Christmas bingo card with pictures or words that relate to Christmas. Some examples include a Christmas tree, present, candy cane and snowman. Make a New Year's bingo card with words or pictures like a noisemakers, confetti and champagne glasses. Call out the words and the first player to get a bingo and yell "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year," wins the game.

Funny Games

Give each guest a Santa hat or New Year's party hat to wear. Tell the guests that they must only remove their hat when you do. If a player takes his off at any time that you have your hat on, he is out of the game. Randomly throughout the party, take your hat off without making it obvious. The last player to take their hat off is out of the game. Keep playing until only one player remains in the game. Another idea is to have everyone sit in a circle and play a game of hot potato with the hat. Each player must place the hat on his head before passing it on to the next player. The last player remaining wins the prize.

Circle Games

Ask all your guests to sit in a circle and put a holiday twist on the classic game "two truths and a lie." Select one player to go first. She must call out three items, two items she wants for Christmas and one she does not want. The player must guess which item she really does not want. For the New Year version, have the players call off three resolutions. One of the resolutions should be a lie. If you want to keep score, have the players write down their guesses and the player who guesses the most correctly wins the game.

Other Games

Divide the players into two groups and give one player on each team a plastic ornament. When you say "Go," the players must pass the ornament around the circle using only their neck and chin. If a player uses his hands or they drop the ornament, they must start all over. The first team to get the ornament all the way around their team circle wins the game. For New Year's, use a New Year's decorated balloon to pass around the circle.

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