Adult Girls Only Party Game Ideas for Fun

by Krystal Miller
Keep a group of women entertained with entertaining party games.

Keep a group of women entertained with entertaining party games.

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When planning an adult party for all girls, create a few games to break the ice and keep everyone involved in the party. Use the games at a bridal shower, birthday party or social gathering for a group of women. Games also introduce any newcomers, giving everyone a chance to make new girlfriends. Encourage the women to participate by awarding small prizes, such as gift card and bath sets, to all game winners.

Icebreaker Games

Break the ice with a few games to loosen the girls up. Start by telling the girls they must create a sentence using the letters of their names. For example, Kate can say, "Kate asked to eat" or Joni may say, "Joni owns nine icemakers." Tell the girls to make the sentences as funny as possible. Award a prize to the funniest sentence. For another icebreaker, award points to the girls with different types of jewelry. Some examples include five points for a bracelet, six points for earrings, five points for a watch and eight points for an ankle bracelet. The girl with the most points wins a prize.

Bingo Games

Try a game of handbag bingo by having each women place her purse in her lap. Call out a point value and an item that women may have in their purse. Some items include a department store receipt, tube of lipstick, a dollar bill, bobby and piece of gum. The first woman to show the item wins the points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. For a variation, give each woman a blank bingo card and have her fill in the squares with items found in her purse. Call out different purse items and the player who bingos first wins a prize.

Circle Games

For an easy game, give each girl 10 pieces of candy. Have one girl start the game by saying something she has never done, such as, "I have never been to the beach." Any girl who's been to the beach must give her one of her candies. Each girl takes a turn saying something she has never done. The player with the most candies after everyone has a turn wins the game. For another circle contest, play the lap game. Call out a statement like, "I have on a watch" or "I'm wearing heels today." Any girl who answers "Yes" to the statement moves one chair to the right. It's possible to have a couple of girls sitting on each other's laps. The first girl who makes it all the way around the circle back to her chair wins the game.

Candy Games

Cut candy bars into 1-inch pieces and blindfold each woman. She must taste each candy bar and guess what type it is. Award a prize to the player with the most correct guesses. Play another candy guessing game by making up funny sayings that go with each type of candy and have the women guess the type of candy to earn points. For examples you can say, "Pucker up," for a Hershey Kiss or, "Round floatation devices" for Life Savers. Award one point for each correct answer and award a prize to the woman who answers the most correct.

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