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    Easy and Quick Ideas for a Theme for a May Adult Birthday Party

    A themed birthday party does not have to be any more difficult or involved than a typical birthday bash. If a loved one, friend or co-worker is tired of the same old birthday celebrations year after year, surprise him with a thoughtful, May-themed birthday party. This year, go beyond boring balloons or traditional store-bought cake and throw a themed birthday party for someone celebrating in May.

    Ideas for Milestones for an Adult's Birthday Party

    When people get older, milestone birthdays become important. As each year passes, adults typically do not pine for their special day like youngsters do. The milestone birthdays -- 21, 30, 40, 70 and 90 -- are the ones making a big splash. These parties are usually themed, well-planned and have the common goal of honoring the birthday celebrant in a way that ensures everyone at the party has a blast.

    Ideas for a Mexican Fiesta Birthday Party for Adults

    With vibrant colors, spicy food and lively music, the Mexican fiesta is a party theme that promises to delight the senses of your guests. Invite guests to come dressed for a fiesta, as their attire will complement the rest of your Mexican-inspired décor. Host the party outdoors if the weather allows, as the warmth reflects Mexico's tropical climate. An indoor fiesta can be just as inviting in the winter, when guests can use a warming reprieve from the outdoor chill.

    Places to Have an Adult Birthday Party in Indianapolis

    Adults celebrating their birthdays in Indianapolis don't have to fret about the task of finding a unique place to hold their party. They are in luck, as the city has several venues for adults to celebrate their big day. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation or just a place to hang out with friends, Indianapolis has much to offer to adults who are planning birthday parties.

    Fishing and Hunting Theme Ideas for Adult Birthdays

    The fishing and hunting enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised with a themed party complete with decor, food, drinks and games. Develop the theme with decorations and props in a camouflaged color scheme to set the stage for the party. Express the theme beginning with the invitation, and consider asking guests to dress like hunters and fishermen for the party.

    Good Prizes for Adult Birthday Party Games

    Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to grow up entirely. For instance, most grownups participating in games at an adult birthday party enjoy winning prizes every bit as much as they did when they were kids. However, if you find yourself hosting an adult birthday party, you may not want to use the leftover game prizes from your ten-year-old's birthday party. Instead, take the opportunity to pick up some appropriate awards that adults will enjoy.

    Fishing Birthday Party for Men

    A fishing birthday party is the ideal theme for a fishing enthusiast. This men's-only event provides a chance for the fisherman in your life to enjoy time completing his favorite hobby while celebrating another year of his life. The appropriate venue, food, decorations and activities help set this birthday party apart from all of the others.

    Birthday Party Ideas for Adults in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Established in the late 18th century along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati was once a meatpacking hub, earning it the name Porkopolis. Determined from the start to be innovative, it is home to the first professional baseball team, the first municipal fire department and the first concrete skyscraper. By looking at the history that has made the city what it is today, you can find many ideas for adult birthday parties.

    Ideas for a Mother's 85th Birthday Party

    Your mother has 85 years under her belt, and that's truly something to celebrate. Whether she prefers a low-key get-together or a big, rowdy bash, her 85th birthday should bring together all the people she loves most to celebrate with her. Don't let a big guest list or lots of planning discourage you -- on her 85th birthday, your mother's happiness will be the only thing that matters.

    Funny Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

    An adults-only birthday party provides the perfect opportunity for fun and games. Keep things light and goofy with your friends, family or co-workers during the gathering. Whether you are a young 21 years or as old as the hills, entertain party guests with pure comic relief in the details of the celebration. Add decorative details to the party venue that reflect the humorous theme you select. Provide refreshments that will make guests smile, such as sweet favorites from childhood, and offer enough to keep guests busy in between laughing sessions.

    A Table Setting for a 21-Year Old Birthday Party

    The 21st birthday is a special one because it is one of the last rites of passage before becoming an adult. The anticipation of turning 21, which is exciting enough as it is, is even greater if many of the birthday person's friends have already turned 21. The 21st birthday is also the birthday where everything can be related to alcohol, from the tableware to the favors. Celebrate the 21st birthday by creating a party table setting fitting for a night of festivities.

    Twenty First Birthday Party Ideas

    The 21st birthday party should be one of the most memorable birthday celebrations ever, filled with all the guest of honor's favorite things. This milestone birthday marks the beginning of adulthood, so an especially sophisticated event is in order. Turning 21 also is associated with being able to drink legally, so including a few beverages that fit your loved one's style will help to make the occasion more celebratory as well.

    Party Ideas for Birthday Number 22

    Your 22nd birthday isn't considered a milestone birthday -- like your 21st or 18th -- but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated in full force. Hosting a party for someone's 22nd birthday allows you to create themes around that special number. Make sure to have party games and gifts ready to ensure a memorable occasion.