Actress Denise Richards' Roles

by Ted Marten

Denise Richards, who has appeared in a number of films and television shows, was born in 1971. She began her career as a model before making the transition to on-camera work in the 1986 music video "The Captain of Her Heart" by Double. Although Richards had 55 acting credits as of June 2011, shows she is known for her roles in ''Starship Troopers,'' ''The World is not Enough," ''Wild Things'' and ''Valentine.''

Lt. Carmen Ibanez

Denise Richards played Lt. Carmen Ibanez "Starship Troopers" in 1997. In the film, Richards' character Carmen joins the military organization, the Federation, along with her high school boyfriend, Johnny Rico. Carmen enlists in flight school and breaks up with Rico. A large space bug alien, called the Klendathu, invades the planet, forcing the Federation to go to war. After an intense battle, Carmen believes her ex-boyfriend is dead. They are reunited when a ship flown by Carmen rescues his new crew. Carmen is captured by the Klendathu leader, but she wounds the bug as Rico determines how to fight off the aliens and win the war.

Dr. Christmas Jones

Richards landed the role of Dr. Christmas Jones in the Bond film, the "World is Not Enough" in 1999. The character is a nuclear physicist working to dismantle nuclear warheads and encourage peace with Russia. While Jones initially ruins Bond's undercover investigation to prevent the villain Renard from detonating a nuclear warhead, she eventually works with Bond to foil the enemy's mission to destroy Europe.

Kelly Van Ryan

In 1998, Denise Richards played Kelly Van Ryan in "Wild Things." Kelly and her best friend, Suzie Toller, are high school students who accuse a guidance counselor, Sam Lombardo, of sexual assault. When Lombardo goes to trial, Kelly admits to making up the allegations. Her mother is a billionaire, and Lombardo receives more than $8 million in damages. It turns out that Kelly, Suzie and Lombardo fabricated the story and split the money. Suzie gets nervous about an investigator, Ray Duquette, who is looking into the matter and fakes her death. Kelly is shot and killed by Duquette, who is working with Lombardo. Lombardo doublecrosses Duquette and works with Suzie to kill him for shooting Kelly. Suzie poisons Lombardo to take all the money.

Paige Prescott

Denise Richards starred in ''Valentine'' in 2001 as Paige Prescott. The film starts off at a high school Valentine's Day dance, where a young man is rejected by four girls and is accused of attacking another. Thirteen years later, Paige and her friends begin receiving cryptic Valentine's Day cards. After one of the girls is murdered, the Valentine's Day cards continued to be sent. Paige is electrocuted in a hot tub. The killer is identified as the boyfriend of one of the women but he's never caught.