Activity Games for a Snow Day

by Krystal Miller

Turn an indoor day of boredom into outdoor fun by planning entertaining activities on a snow day. Get your children up off the couch and out from in front of the television with games they can play in the snow. With a creative imagination and a few supplies, you can prepare activities to keep children busy for hours of excitement in the snow.

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Scavenger Hunts

Write point values on golf balls and hide the balls in the snow. Give the children buckets to hunt for the golf balls. Add up each child’s points, and the child with the highest number of points wins the game. Another idea is to make colored ice cubes using food coloring and water. Hide the colored ice cubes in the snow and have the children hunt for the cubes. The child who finds the most wins the game. Alternatively, call out a color and the child who finds that color first wins the game.

Hurdle Races

Create snow hurdles by lightly pack snowing into basketball-size snowballs on the ground. Give the children a few minutes to practice jumping over the “hurdles.” Time each child to see who can jump all the hurdles in the fastest amount of time. Another idea is to divide children into two teams and create two sets of hurdles. Have a race to see which team can finish the course the fastest. Make the game more difficult by making the hurdles taller.

Snowball Games

Have the children compete to see who can roll the biggest snowball in five minutes. After five minutes, measure each snowball and the player with the largest snowball wins the game. Alternatively, play this game by dividing the children into teams. The team with the largest snowball wins the game. Another idea is to make a snowman. Give the children a top hat to toss Frisbee-style at the snowman to try to land the hat on the snowman’s head. The first player to land the hat on the snowman’s head wins the game.

Other Games

Other games include freeze tag and a hula-hoop contest. Select one player to be “it.” “It” must chase the other players and try to tag them. If “it” tags a player, that player must freeze in place until another player tags him to “unfreeze” him. Keep playing until everyone has a chance to be “it.” Try a hula-hoop contest in the snow. Trying to hula-hoop in large winter clothes will not be as easy as the children might think. The player who keeps the hoop going for the longest amount of time wins the game.

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