Activities That Teach About Teamwork & Diversity for Kids

by Krystal Miller
Teach kids how to work together using several different activities.

Teach kids how to work together using several different activities.

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Teach children about teamwork and diversity with a variety of entertaining activities. Team-building activities like games and exercises can also build trust, social skills and self-confidence in kids. Diversity activities teach children to have an open mind and respect others no matter what differences may exist. Adjust the difficultly of each activity depending on the ages of the children.

Guided Activities

Divide the children into two teams. Scatter cones and cardboard boxes all over the play area. Have one player from each team stand on the opposite end of the play area. All other players must wear a blindfold and the guide for each team must yell verbal commands to his teammates one at a time to get them across the field. The first team to get all their players across the field wins the game. Make the game more difficult by having any player who touches a cone or box during the game start over at the starting line.

Diversity Paint Activities

Give each child a sheet of wet construction paper. Have her use watercolors to paint the wet page. All the colors will blur and blend on the page. Explain to the children that even though things may seem different, they always come together to make one beautiful picture. Another idea is to have the children paint a picture on a piece of dry construction paper. Ask them to spray the paper with water to watch the colors blend. Alternatively, have each child paint a picture on butcher paper, leaving only a small space between each picture. Spray water on the pictures to blend them together and show the children how everyone with different ideas can create one beautiful picture.

Balloon Activities

Play some activities using inflated balloons. Divide the players into groups of 10 or so players. Give each team five balloons to hit in the air. Players must keep the balloons from touching the ground. Every minute add one more balloon to each team circle. The team which can keep the most balloons in the air without one touching the ground wins the game. Another idea is to have them sort the balloons by color while hitting them in the air. The first team which can sort all the balloons by color while still hitting them in the air wins the activity.

Other Activities

Other activities include a board game and game with a tarp. Divide players into two teams of 10 or so players. Give each team two, 2-inch-by-4-inch pieces of board that are approximately 8 feet in length. Mark a starting line and finish line 30 feet apart. The teams must use the boards to transfer all their teammates from the starting line to the finish line. If a player falls off a board, the team must start over. The first team across the finish line wins the game. Another activity is to lay a tarp on the ground for each team to stand on. Leave about a 1-foot overhang around the edge. Each team must flip the tarp completely over without any player stepping off the tarp. The first team to do this wins the activity.

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