Activities for a Luau Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

by Cindy Dauer
Plan a luau-themed Sweet 16 birthday party.

Plan a luau-themed Sweet 16 birthday party. Images

If you can't have your Sweet 16 birthday in Hawaii, bring the tropics to you with a luau-themed party. You can plan a number of activities that fit both the luau theme and your personality. No matter what time of year, a luau party is a festive way to celebrate.

Lei Greeting

Greet every guest with a flower lei when she arrives. You can purchase ready-made leis with real flowers, assemble your own leis or buy some made of cloth and plastic. Whichever route you take, the lei greeting is a traditional luau custom you don't want to skip.

Hawaiian Feast

Serve a buffet of traditional luau foods. Make a tropical fruit salad with pineapple, papaya, mango, melon and coconut. For the main dish, fix Hawaiian-style fish, teriyaki beef or sweet-and-sour chicken. To top it off, serve rolls and green salad. Don't forget fruit juice beverages.

Tropical Fashion Show

Plan a tropical fashion show and strut your luau duds. Model the latest beach trend by getting local stores to donate clothes, or ask the models to bring their best and brightest beach wear. Go a different route and challenge your friends to make tropical outfits from everyday items. See what they can design from old clothes.

Beachball Volleyball

Bring in a few bags of sand, string up a net and get a beach ball for a luau twist on the classic game of volleyball. Make teams and play a formal tournament or allow guests to play a pickup game. Add more than one beach ball to make it extra challenging and exciting.

Pass the Mango

Split your party guests into teams. Have the teams stand in line and stagger by gender. The first player in each line holds a mango between his chin and chest. When the game begins, players have to pass the mango to the next person in line without using their hands. If the mango drops, they have to start over. Award the winning team a prize or mix up the teams and play again.

Flip-Flop Frenzy

Stock up on flip-flops. Either buy inexpensive pairs at an outlet store or have each guest bring a pair. Decorate the flip-flops with fabric markers, puffy paint or other embellishments. Each pair should be unique. Pile up the flip-flops randomly. All at once, players must race to the pile to find a matching pair. The first person to find a matching pair, put them on her feet and race back to the start line wins and gets to keep her flip-flops.

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