Activities for a Christening Party

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Some tired babies nap throughout their christening party.

Some tired babies nap throughout their christening party.

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Many babies make their public debuts at a christening party held in their honor. Family and friends gather to celebrate with food, drink and festivities centered around the baptism and official naming of the little one. Choosing the right activities for your baby's christening party will ensure that a good time is had by all.

Breakfast or Brunch

Since many christenings take place at a morning church service, it's only natural to include a hearty breakfast or brunch as the main focus of your baby's christening party. Head to a local restaurant where you can reserve a private party room for a larger crowd, or congregate in the quiet corner of a local eatery that's large enough to accommodate a smaller group. Alternatively, arrange to prepare your own breakfast buffet at home, and ask your guests to contribute in the form of juice, coffee and pastries, while you prepare and serve the hot items such as eggs and breakfast meats.

Toasts, Speeches and Blessings

A christening is a one-time opportunity for friends and loved ones to bestow their blessings and well wishes on your baby in the form of a toast or speech. Open the champagne or sparkling cider and invite your guests to prophesy great things for your little one's future. Capture the event on video so your child can replay Aunt Emily's touching sentiments and view Uncle Roger's humorous ones when he is older.

Creating Mementoes

Since your baby will never remember her own christening party, it's up to you to provide details that will show her what a special event her baptism was. Distribute disposable cameras to your guests and invite them to take photos of the festivities at the party for a variety of different views you could never achieve on your own. Set up a special table and display scrapbook pages for your guests to sign with special messages to the baby. Add photos and decorations after the fact, and insert them into a special scrapbook of memories from your baby's early years.

Children's Activities

Children are often among the guests at a christening party. Whether they are the older siblings of the new baby or the kids of family and friends, it's important to make them welcome and keep them entertained. Recruit one or two teens or young adults who are good with children and ask them to help by playing games with, reading stories to or distributing coloring books and crayons to your younger guests.

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