How to Get to the Action Levels of "Sonic the Hedgehog" in the PS3 Version

by Peter Forsythe

Released for the PlayStation 3 game system in 2007, "Sonic the Hedgehog" marked the 15-year anniversary of the Sonic franchise with a sprawling 3D adventure game. "Sonic the Hedgehog" was the first of this game series in which Sonic interacts with human characters, as well as the franchise favorites. The main adventure is split into two types of levels: town areas and missions. Missions are action-oriented levels where players take control of Sonic, Silver or Shadow. Towns, however, have tasks that must be completed to open new action missions.

Step 1

Start a new game from the main menu or continue one in progress to enter one of the three town areas (Soleanna Castle Town, Soleanna Forest and Soleanna New City).

Step 2

Consult the radar map on the game screen and head toward the nearest orange dot -- this will lead you to a human character with an orange exclamation mark over his head.

Step 3

Press the "action" button to talk to the human character. He will give you a hint or tell you where to go next. Follow his instructions toward a blue dot on your radar map -- this represents someone with a blue exclamation point over his head.

Step 4

Press "action" to speak to the person with a blue exclamation mark over his head. He will give you a Town Mission to complete, opening a mirror to an action mission.

Step 5

Head toward the closest blinking yellow dot on your radar screen to find a mirror. Enter the mirror to begin the stage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ignore the people with yellow exclamation marks over their heads (represented by yellow dots on your radar). They will talk to you, but won't convey any information relevant to progressing.

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