Get Acquainted Game for Couples

by Shelby Winchell
Playing ice breaker games can help couples get better acquainted.

Playing ice breaker games can help couples get better acquainted.

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Ice breakers help people get better acquainted. Whether you want everyone to learn each others' names or reveal some favorite personal fact, ice breakers help couples interact without causing tension. These fun interaction games work best in a group setting of two or more couples.

Name Game

Learn the names of each person by playing the balloon name game. All you need is a single balloon. Don't use helium, but manually inflate the balloon. Once everyone is done greeting one another, have everyone stand in a circle. Throw the balloon into the mix and whoever catches it must say the name of the person who threw it. This game helps couples learn each other's names.

Personal Facts

Everyone has a story to tell, and a roll of toilet paper or a handful of candy can help reveal some of those personal facts. Pass around a roll of paper or a bowl of candy. Have each person grab as many sheets of paper or pieces of candy as possible without telling them why. For every sheet or piece, each person must tell the group one thing about himself. Topics can include anything, including family, siblings, children or pet peeves. Continue playing until everyone has shared.

Couple Talk

Have couples share stories about their dating lives, marriage or honeymoon by playing a couple-focused game in a non-confrontational manner. Using a beach ball, the facilitator writes a different question on each colored panel of the ball using a permanent marker. Questions can be about a couple's favorite date or memory. Have everyone stand in a circle and throw the beach ball into the ring; whoever catches the ball must answer the question that's closest to her right thumb. This gives couples a chance to talk and share positive experiences about their relationships.

Social Interaction

Have couples guess who they are by playing a fun "guess who" game in which they interact with other couples. The game's facilitator writes the names of several famous couples on name tags, with one name per tag. When each couple arrives, place a name tag on each person's back. Don't let anyone know the famous name on his tag. Once everyone has arrived, each person must try to discover the name on his tag--and identify his other half--by questioning other guests about who he is. Everyone can look at each others' name tags, but nobody can look at her own tag. Each person's famous other half may or may not be his real-life partner.

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