How to Accurately Throw a Bowling Ball

by Christopher John

The speed at which you bowl is not as important as following basic mechanics that allow you to throw the ball with accuracy. Once you master these mechanics with practice, you will build up your speed. Many bowlers follow a four-step approach, but you can adjust that to a three-step or five-step approach. The key is to find the pace, timing and follow-through that allows you to consistently hit your intended marks with the ball, whether you focus on the pins or a spot on the lane.

Step 1

Insert your fingers into the bowling ball, and hold the bowling ball about waist high. Stand squarely facing the pins, with your knees slightly bent and your back arched slightly forward.

Step 2

Focus your gaze on the specific pins that you want to strike. Or focus on the specific arrows or spot on the lane that you want the ball to roll over.

Step 3

Step forward with one foot, while letting the ball swing forward and down. Step with your right foot first, if you bowl with your right hand; step with your left foot first, if you bowl with your left hand.

Step 4

Swing the ball down to your side, as you take your second step.

Step 5

Take your third step, while swinging the ball backward, reaching the peak of your backswing. Swing the ball back no higher than your shoulder.

Step 6

Step forward on your left foot, and bend your left leg, while swinging the ball forward. Slide your right foot behind your left leg. Release the ball with your arm swinging toward the pins or arrow that your eyes are focused on. If you bowl left-handed, this final step is with your right foot, and your left foot sliding behind your left leg.

Step 7

Slide to a stop before reaching the foul line, smoothly continuing a full follow-through with your arm swinging up, aimed directly toward the pins or arrow that you targeted. Don't continue your follow-through in a different direction, or that is the path the ball will follow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to keep your upper body facing forward, with your opposite arm extended for balance, as you release the ball.

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