How to Accessorize a Built-In Bookcase Like Pottery Barn

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Stack different types of books together for a more interesting looking display.

Stack different types of books together for a more interesting looking display.

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Pottery Barn home accessories offer you a variety of items to decorate your built-in bookcase with. The store has accessories that lean more toward the modern era as well as a wide assortment of vintage items. Depending upon your decorating tastes, you can choose decorative items from just one style or mix and match the items. This flexibility will allow you to create a display this fits your decorating tastes.

Items you will need

  • Painting supplies
  • Pottery Barn picture frames
  • Pottery Barn mirrors
  • Pottery Barn candles or lanterns
  • Pottery Barn vintage items
Step 1

Paint the bookcase. A built-in bookcase is a natural focal point in a room. Make it stand out by painting it a color that highlights the colors that you've chosen for your Pottery Barn display. For example, if you've chosen items in the red family, paint the bookcase yellow or black for a bit of visual drama.

Step 2

Frame your pictures in Pottery Barn picture frames. Cluster a group of black and white photographs of your family reunion on one of the top shelves, putting the tallest picture in the back. Create similar clusters of pictures in a couple of spots on the bookcase.

Step 3

Make the room look bigger and brighter by displaying Pottery Barn mirrors on the shelves. Place a large one on one of the top shelves or hang several on the molding. Choose mirrors that accentuate your decorating style, such as Noelle frames for your shabby chic look or hand-carved mirrors for a more ethnic look.

Step 4

Light up your bookcase with Pottery Barn lanterns or candle displays. Group these items with other decorative accessories, such as a Pottery Barn vase filled with a wheat bundle or acorns.

Step 5

Stack your books between your Pottery Barn displays. Line them up and mix and match different types of books, such as hard-back books with paper pocket books. Leave some space between your stacks of books and your decorative displays; this allows the eye to take in each cluster fully.

Step 6

Display a vintage collection, such as the Pottery Barn vintage key shadowboxes, vintage cameras or military field glasses. Set up a collection of antique bottles on the top shelves of the bookcase or fill vintage soda crates with small trinkets and place on the shelves.

Step 7

Create symmetrical groupings by placing similar clusters at opposite ends of each shelf. For example, if you have a candle and picture grouping on the right-hand side of the shelf, make a similar one of similar height and visual weight for the other side. This creates visual balance.

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