'80s Rock Party Themes

by Lauren Griffin
Rock out at an '80s-style party.

Rock out at an '80s-style party.

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An '80s rock party theme promises partygoers a head-banging, hardcore good time. With its outrageous fashion, loud electronics-infused music and plethora of rock idols, the 1980s is the perfect era for a theme party. So blare that Duran Duran, put on your leg warmers and get ready for a party you'll never forget.


An '80s party isn't complete without authentic '80s clothing. Invite all guests to show off some '80s spirit by wearing duds in the style of the decade. Seek inspiration from musical acts of the era. Ladies can do their best Madonna with lace and crosses, while men can look like Michael Jackson in a red leather jacket, tight jeans and his signature glove. For a less specific look, you can't go wrong with frilly shirts, attention-grabbing patterns and lots of glittery makeup.


Embrace decorations that show off the dramatic colors and patterns of the '80s. Serve food and beverages on paper plates decked out in flashy neon colors and bold geometric patterns or with pictures of '80s fads, such as Pac-Man. Colors that were popular in the era, such as pinks, teal or lavender, are the shades of choice for balloons, streamers and other party decor. Finish jazzing up the space with cardboard cutouts of popular '80s characters, such as Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger or Michael Jackson.


Whip up a menu that seems straight from the '80's. Pizzas, chicken wings and other pub grub will help partygoers eat like rock star royalty. For dessert, use colorful icing to create a cake decorated as an '80s fad, such as a round Pac-Man cake or a square Rubik's Cube cake. Finally, add a candy buffet that features trendy candies from the '80s.


An '80s rock party wouldn't be complete without speakers blaring the decade's rock music. Invite guests onto the dance floor, where they can cut a rug to their favorite Genesis song. A lip-synch contest, karaoke session or air-guitar battle will let guests show off their musical abilities while rocking out to the greats by Guns N' Roses or Sting and the Police. If the music gets too loud, let guests take a break with classic '80s games, such as Trivial Pursuit.

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