'80s & '90s Hip-Hop Party Themes

by Donni Jones
Play DJ for the night at your '80s or '90s hip-hop party.

Play DJ for the night at your '80s or '90s hip-hop party.

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One enjoyable party idea is an '80s or '90s hip-hop theme. Not only will these themes provide a welcome change from the typical and expected get-together, but everyone will enjoy rapping along with and getting nostalgic about their favorite hip-hop songs from yesteryear.


Decorate by hanging streamers, balloons and big musical notes cut from construction paper. Look online for covers from chart-topping hip-hop albums from the decade you're showcasing and have them blown up to poster size to hang around the party location. Hang a banner stating, '80s Hip-Hop Bash or '90s Hip-Hop Party. At an '80s party, turn guests into part of the décor by inviting them to come dressed in '80s fashions.


Play first notes of a song or notes from the chorus and see who recognizes the song first. Jumble up the names of hip-hop bands and give everyone five minutes to see who can unscramble the most. Read a line or two from a hit song and see who can say the lyric that comes next. Play musical chairs to '80s or '90s songs or have a dance contest. As party favors, give out CDs you made that have all the hits played at the party on them.


Give everyone a turn at karaoke, rapping a favorite hip-hop song. For an '80s party, use such songs as "Freaks Come Out at Night," by Whodini; "Don't Believe the Hype," by Public Enemy; "Paid in Full," by Eric B. & Rakim; and "Straight Outta Compton," by NWA. For a '90s party, include "Gangsta's Paradise," by Coolio; "Hip Hop Hooray," by Naughty by Nature; "They Reminisce Over You," by Pete Rock & CL Smooth; and "Humpty Dance," by Digital Underground.

Food & Drink

For each dish and beverage, incorporate the name of a band. Place a little flag next to the dish bearing the musical name. At an '80s hip-hop party, options include Slick Rick sandwiches, Sugarhill Gang shrimp skewers, chips with De La Soul dip, Fat Boys fudge brownies and Run DMC rum and cokes. For a '90s hip-hop party, try Cypress Hill Sliders, Onyx egg rolls, Nas nachos, MC Lyte macaroni salad, Black Sheep brownies and Wu-Tang White Russians.

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