'70s Party Invites

by Darlena Cunha
Start your 70s party off right with themed invitations.

Start your 70s party off right with themed invitations.

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Disco balls, bell bottoms and platform shoes are staples for a 1970s retro-themed party, but those touches will be seen only after the party has begun. If you're looking to get your prospective guests in the mood before the party date arrives, themed invitations will help them feel the groove.


Use typical slang of that time to enhance your invitation's message. For instance, "'70s party on Wednesday. Here's the skinny: We'll be boogeying and chilling at my pad from 7 to midnight, dig it? Be there or be square, and bring your foxy chicks and hip dudes along, too! Later, gator!" By using catch-phrases from the times, the style of your wording will match the content of your party, and your themes will match from beginning to end. You'll place your guests inside the time period before they even walk through the door.


To entrench your message even further in the style of your invitations, use a font commonly associated with the 1970s. Avant Garde, Cooper Black and ITC Grouch are all available in many word processing programs and give a distinct 1970s feel. Of course, invitations of the time would be more likely handwritten than using any computer font, so writing your invites out by hand can enhance your party's theme with authenticity.


Scan old pictures into your computer and print them in invitation form for a true-to-life look at the 1970s for your guests. Alternately, find 1970s fashions and hobbies in magazines, newspapers and picture books, clip them and paste them to your invitations individually. This will give each party participant a different snapshot of the era. It's not hard to find images from the 1970s. Use photos of anything from popular toys like Rubik's Cubes or skateboards to famous people like Farrah Fawcett, Richard Nixon and Muhammad Ali.


You could use a theme within a theme and plaster your invitations with quotes from period-popular movies. Think "Star Wars" (May the Force be with you!), "Love Story" (Love means never having to say you're sorry), "Animal House" (Food fight!) or "Rocky" (Yo, Adrian!).

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