'70s Party Favors & Props

by Erin Black
The most entertaining way to throw a '70s party is to have a sense of humor.

The most entertaining way to throw a '70s party is to have a sense of humor.

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While the early 1970s were all about peace, love and flower power, the late '70s scene was more about the glitz and glam of disco. When planning a '70s theme party, choose between hippies and "Saturday Night Fever," or mix them both together for a full decade of fun.

Flower Power Props

The flower-power scene was one of peace, love and relaxation. To decorate for your party, think '70s rec room, complete with lava lamps, beanbag chairs and burnt orange shag rugs. Switch out your standard lights for black light lamps, and decorate the walls with fluorescent '70s-theme black light posters. Add a "magical" beaded curtain to the entrance of your party, so your guests can enter through it into a decade from the past. Make it a dress-up party, but in case some guests forget, offer costume props like long-hair hippie wigs, John Lennon-style sunglasses, braided head bands, and face paint to add colorful flowers, happy faces and peace signs to cheeks.

Flower Power Favors

The '70s-theme favors at your party can be as simple as peace sign or beaded-jewelry keepsakes or feather clips. To offer a more creative alternative, tie-dye your own T-shirts or bandanas. Tie-dye your own bags to send home with your guests, and offer quintessential '70s candies like Blow Pops, Bottle Caps, Candy Buttons and Pixie Sticks to fill them with. There are stores online that specialize in candies from different decades, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. For a really nostalgic '70s theme favor, create your own Pet Rocks by gluing googly eyes on smooth river stones. Include a card with each one that outlines the Pet Rock's name, personality and preferences.

Disco Props

Take your guests to "funky town," where they can boogie all night at your '70s disco party. Transform your space into a disco, complete with a polyvinyl dance floor, strobe lights, fog machine, blow-up furniture and the quintessential disco ball. Nothing says disco like a sparkly mirrored ball, so go crazy and adorn every surface in your space with them. Have your friends come in costume, but in case they forget, offer Afro wigs, polyester leisure suits, platform shoes, sparkly oversized jewelry and boas. Since all your friends will look fab in their retro styles, get a life-size John Travolta cutout from "Saturday Night Fever" and a life-size sexy '70s Farrah Fawcett cutout to create entertaining photo-ops.

Disco Favors

Continue the '70s disco theme with favors your guests can enjoy at the party and take home. Sparkly oversized jewelry and disco-ball-themed jewelry can be found at party supply stores. You can also find light-up jewelry and dance whistles that will add ambiance to the party while you're dancing the night away. Bubble necklaces are an entertaining favor. For a nostalgic gift for your friends, offer each a mood-ring. When they put them on, the rings will surely turn whatever color represents having attended the best party ever.

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