70's Flower Power Party Theme Ideas

by Jack Burton
A 70's Flower Power party is a great way for the children of Boomers to re-live what their parents experienced.

A 70's Flower Power party is a great way for the children of Boomers to re-live what their parents experienced.

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From the self-proclaimed "Summer of Love" movement in 1967 stretching into the early 1970s, the idea of "flower power" reverberated through society. Peace, love and groovin' co-existed with sex, drugs and rock and roll as the mantra and identity for a whole generation of young people -- and those who wanted to be identified with the young people. Love beads, bell bottoms, tie-die, Nehru jackets, and long, straight hair (for guys and gals) set the fashion scene while, the soundtrack was provided by artists such as the folk sound of Peter, Paul and Mary through the wailing guitars and voices of Jefferson Airplane. Ideas for a Flower Power party come from many sources that made the culture what it was.

Flower Power Dress

The dress helped define the time. A Flower Power party simply cannot exist without everyone participating in recreating the look and feel of the period. The "earth mother" look was in for the girls, with long granny dresses and shawls, and guys wore blue jeans and loose shirts. The natural look was wanted, and the rejection of the bouffant hair sprayed and wet head look of just of few years earlier was total. Have your guests dress up as their idea or concept of what they consider appropriate for someone who is interested in peace, love and understanding.

Flower Power Music

Music was another defining foundation of the Flower Power movement. Testing the ability of the guests to remember what they heard during that period through a karaoke contest gives everyone the ability to show off both their memory and their talent. Alternately, pulling a line of lyrics from a song and having a contest to see who can guess the song and the artist tests the memory without having to prod the guests to perform on stage. Give bonus points if they can remember the exact year.

Flower Power Dancing

Popular dancing for young people during the Flower Power period was caught between two better defined times. The late '50s and early '60s saw the ending of the influence the Lindyhop and swing had on teen dancing, but it was before the time of the more stylized disco beat and dancing. As a consequence, it was a very much "do your own thing" when it came to moving and grooving on the dance floor. Have your guests participate in a "dance off" contest using their best moves that capture their own unique style.

Flower Power Philosopy

Give your guests a blank page with their invitations and have them fill it up with their best composition to the idea that peace, love and groovin' are the most important aspects of living. Ask for at least one paragraph that captures the essence of the Flower Power philosophy. Give bonus points to anyone who quotes the Beatles singing either "All You Need Is Love" or "All We Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance." Have guests read them out loud and compare what the young people wanted so many decades ago with what the world is like today.

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