6th Grade Valentine's Party Ideas

by Tricia Lobo

In the sixth grade, kids are starting to develop crushes on each other for the first time, and Valentine's Day is fraught with emotion. While some kids might receive candies and flowers from the objects of their affection, others might not. As their teacher, do your best to make sure that all of your students have a good Valentine's Day with some games. While you're at it, turn Valentine's Day into an event that's not only fun, but educational!

Valentine Writing Exercise

Have each student write a valentine to the object of his or her affection without naming himself or the recipient. The students can decorate the cards as they wish, using stationery or creating their own valentines. Then collect the valentines. Be sure to separate the cards addressed to the girls from the cards addressed to the boys, and distribute the valentines for each group to the girls and the boys, respectively. Have each girl read a card out loud and each boy read a card out loud. This exercise promises to be entertaining, and you can have the students award superlatives for such categories as the best-written or the most heartfelt.

Valentine's Day Cards for Parents

Younger children always love a chance to make a Valentine's Day card for Mom and Dad. Give your students supplies with which to make cards, such as pens, construction paper, glitter, markers and anything else that you have handy. Walk around the room and help them phrase the key things that they want to tell Mom and Dad.

Valentine's Day Cookies

If you have a kitchen handy, turn Valentine's Day into a math and cooking lesson. Enlist the help of your students to measure out quantities of materials to make a cookie recipe. The recipes will most likely ask for fractional quantities of materials, and since many sixth-graders are mastering fractions, ask them to convert from one fractional quantity to another; for example, from 1/3 to 2/6. Then have your students decorate the baked cookies and present them to students around the room.

Conversation Hearts Creative Writing

Pass a box of candy conversation hearts around the room and have each of your students take one. Then ask them to design a story around the words on their hearts. For instance, if a heart has the word "LUV" on it and another one has "SUPER COOL" on it, a sentence in the story could read, "I LUV going skateboarding with cute guys. I met a guy at the beach who is SUPER COOL." The stories that your students invent are bound to be entertaining.

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