6th Grade Christmas Gifts for Parents

by Iam Jaebi
Get sixth graders in the spirit of giving gifts.

Get sixth graders in the spirit of giving gifts.

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Christmas season is a time when children start tallying lists of "I want" items in preparation for the gift unwrapping extravaganza that happens on Christmas morning. By the time students reach sixth grade, they are accustomed to shopping and gift-giving so it's just a matter of directing their attention and enthusiasm for the holiday into arranging the right gift for parents. Sixth grade Christmas gifts for parents can range from "made with love" crafts to store-bought items.

The Christmas Portrait

No parent is able to deny that the best Christmas gift of all is his or her sixth grader. Use this to your advantage and help students create Christmas-themed portraits. Turn the classroom into a photo studio, bringing in an assortment of seasonal elements like antlers and Santa hats, allowing children to combine elements for a Christmas portrait. With a variety of crafts elements, such as construction paper, glue and glitter, students can create a frame for the photo before gifting to parents.

Christmas Cookie Bark

Any number of sweet treats make an ideal gift for kids to give parents and Chocolate Cookie Bark is a kid-friendly recipe that can be completed in class. In this recipe, creme-filled sandwich cookies are crushed in a bowl. Next, white chocolate chips are placed in another bowl and melted using a microwave. Combine the crushed cookies and molten chocolate and then spread the mixture in to a pan coated with waxed paper and non-stick spray. After an hour or more in the fridge, the bark is ready to be cut and boxed.

Thoughtful Books

Directing your sixth graders to get books for parents achieves multiple ends. It gives children an opportunity to be thoughtful gift givers, and it reinforces the importance of reading. Ideally, students should have prep time, with a homework assignment that requires discovering their parents' reading tastes by paying close attention or interviewing them. Questions include "Who is your favorite author?" and "What book changed the way you think?" Students shouldn't let on that the assignment is designed to help pick out a gift. When the time comes to choose a book during a class trip to a local bookstore, it will be a surprise gift for parents.

Jewelry Crafts

Jewelry makes a fine gift for any season and your sixth graders can make pieces for moms and dads. Materials for jewelry crafts can be purchased with funds from the school budget and then organized as a in-class activity, ideally over several periods so that children have time to craft necklaces, bracelets, key chains, earrings or anything your sixth grader thinks parents will enjoy. Jewelry craft projects should be finished and wrapped in school.

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