5th Year Anniversary Party Themes

by Jamie Wilson

Your 5th anniversary isn't considered to be one of the big ones, but it's a real milestone. Your spouse and you have learned one another's bad habits and flaws. You may have children. You've made a real beginning on a life together, and you can't be considered newlyweds any longer. Celebrate this anniversary as the first special one in your married lives.

Revisit Your Wedding and Honeymoon

You don't have to physically go back to your honeymoon location, but theme your party around it while adding in all the special touches you've developed together. For example, if you honeymooned in Hawaii, throw a luau in your backyard and ask everyone to bring a pot luck dish special to you; if New York City was your destination, put up cardboard cutouts of the city and serve hot dogs and soft pretzels. Invite all your favorite guests from your wedding and ask them to wear the same thing they wore that day. The bride can wear her wedding gown. Get creative by listing all the things you loved about your wedding and honeymoon, then try to duplicate them in a fun way.

Wood, Sapphires, Turquoise, Silverware, Daisies

Traditionally, wood gifts are supposed to be given on the 5th anniversary, with the gemstone alternatives being sapphire or turquoise. A more modern gift is silverware, and daisies are traditionally the flower. Theme your party around these rather eclectic objects. Serve food in wooden dishes and trays, and include sparkling blue glass "gemstones" in a wooden centerpiece with daisies. Because wood and daisies are very natural, an anniversary party outside on wooden picnic tables with simple daisy centerpieces would also go well with the theme.

Local Tourism

Choose a nearby place you've always wanted to go, but in 5 years or more have never gotten around to. Call them and find out if they book parties. Many places, from zoos to historical living museums, are happy to supplement income with parties. Seek out kitsch rather than elegance; your 5th anniversary should be fun.


Many couples stop doing the fun things they did as singles, even if they don't have kids. Look back at the things you used to do before marriage and get your friends together again for a night of reminiscing and relaxation. Plan games around memories, like the funniest thing guests remember about your relationship or the most embarrassing stories. Give nostalgic prizes, like gift certificates to restaurants you used to visit regularly, out to winners.

Have Your Honeymoon

Many newlyweds today skip the honeymoon because of time or money constraints and other issues. If you're one of them, plan and have the honeymoon you wanted, and invite special friends and family to join you. Rent a large cabin, beach house or condo and have a weekend celebration. Then, send your guests home and enjoy the rest of your well-earned honeymoon by yourselves.

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