5 Steps on How to Kickflip

by Todd Bowerman
Pads keep you safe while you learn new tricks.

Pads keep you safe while you learn new tricks.

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You can learn dozens of complex tricks on a skateboard, but almost all of them begin with mastering the kickflip. A kickflip involves the board coming off the ground, completing a full horizontal rotation and coming back down on the wheels. Kickflips are the first trick you will learn once you can ollie on your board; they serve as the foundation for every flip trick thereafter. The initial learning curve for the kickflip is steep, but subsequent tricks get easier once you understand the mechanics.

Step 1

Push with your foot to build speed while on your skateboard. You cannot perform a strong ollie, much less a kickflip, unless you have some forward momentum.

Step 2

Place the toes of your back foot on the tail of the skateboard, and your the toes of your front foot21 just behind the front bolts.

Step 3

Jump off your back foot, slapping the tail into the ground as you do. Lift the board up and forward by dragging your front foot up toward the nose of the skateboard.

Step 4

Kick your front toes outward, hitting the point where the nose concave begins. This starts the board rotation.

Step 5

Wait until you see your skateboard's grip tap under you and land with both feet over the bolts.

Tips & Warnings

  • Landing a kickflip takes weeks of practice. Be sure to wear protective gear, since you will be taking a few spills along the way.

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